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Saturday, January 1, 2011
Jock-o-sphere: Social media predictions for 2011

Last week, I dipped into all the ways teams, athletes and leagues began to leverage social media for revenue in 2010.

If 3D television spreads to more households, sports teams must improve the value of seeing games in person.

A lot of the strategies are still largely untapped by the majority of sports entities, and it's why 2011 might be shaping up as a year many take stronger, more serious steps to monetize their brands via social media.

With that in mind, and a peek at a few other facets, here's a look at what might be in store for sports and social media in the new year:

Enhancing the in-stadium experience

In 2010, teams and leagues dipped their toes into the geolocation pool. The Nets experimented with a ticket promotion via Gowalla; the NHL offered exclusive content and deals via Foursquare; the NBA and MLB allowed for check-ins via their mobile applications.

But 2011 could bring a larger geolocation focus for teams and leagues.