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Friday, January 7, 2011
Updated: January 9, 1:59 PM ET
11 for 2011 gallery

Heir to the nest, Riley Hawk could have gone the obvious route with a vert career in his father's footsteps. Instead he went the street route and is carving a tech-gnar path all his own.

Every generation has a slew of skaters that are a cut above, poised to tear down the walls of what's deemed possible and push things onto the next page. With Baby New Year still swaddled in diapers, there's already a grip of amateurs out there that have some veteran pros quaking in their boots. The Class of 2011 is sure to be a doozy. We put together this gallery of 11 skaters we expect to do big things in 2011. Not every amazing am is pictured within (we only had room for 11) but every one within shows serious promise. Oh, and Corey Kennedy, you're not in here because you're pretty much pro to everyone who has seen any of your footage so it didn't really seem fair to include you in this. Launch Gallery » Photo Gallery