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Monday, January 10, 2011
Updated: January 14, 12:53 PM ET
United Bike Co. Beacon Frame ($299)

The United Beacon frame. Launch Corey Martinez Bike Check »

When United Bike Co. started in 2006, it was a given that Corey Martinez would get a signature frame. And so he did, dubbed the Trinity frame. But in the time since, Corey's riding and setup preferences has evolved quite a bit. When Corey first started riding his signature United Trinity frame, he rode with back brakes, a gyro and two pegs. Now, four years later, Corey rides brakeless, with four pegs, and he seems more focused on technical street riding than he has in the past. Because of this evolution in Corey's riding (not to mention frame construction technology), Corey and United went back to the drawing board to work on his latest frame, and it's definitely not a Trinity frame. "After a long haul of the Trinity series, I wanted to switch it up with new graphics, new geometry and everything. And we thought, let's change, the name, change the graphics, change it all at once," said Corey. That change became Corey's latest signature frame, the Beacon.

You can ride a built-in Pivotal or cut the seat tube off and ride a normal, higher seat with the Beacon frame.

"With the evolution and constant progression of his riding, parts that Corey puts his name to have to do the same," says United. "And it felt right to move in a new direction with Corey's signature parts," they continued. With that, United created Corey's most "street-oriented" frame to date. Features include tapered downtube, seat tube and chainstays, top and downtube gussets, a top tube gusset with stamped "Beacon" logo, a new shaped 117mm headtube and wider B/B, removable brake mounts, elevated chainstays for grind clearance, small dropouts that work well with pegs and hubguards, extra wide tire clearance for 2.25"-2.3" tires and the most obvious innovation: a built-in Pivotal seat mount with cut line for removal, so you can ride your a Pivotal seat at Corey's preferred height, or remove the top and replace with your own seat clamp and seat post of choice. Angles on the Beacon include three top tube choices (20", 20.85", 21"), a 75 degree head tube angle, 69 degree seat tube angle, 13.65" slammed rear end and an overall weight of 4.9 lbs (with the built-in Pivotal). Beacon colors include matte black and pearl white.

The United Beacon frame in Pearl White. Launch Corey Martinez Bike Check »

The Beacon frame rules because it is full of options. You can ride a built-in Pivotal or cut the seat tube off and ride a normal, higher seat. You can ride with brakes (and a gyro) or without brakes. And with comfortable geometry that includes a laid back seat tube angle, you can ride the Beacon on the streets, in parks, and even on dirt. Yes, Corey Martinez make focus on street riding more than anything now, but he hasn't forgotten his fufanu-ing roots, and he's allowed for the Beacon frame to be one of the most adaptable frames on the market today.

The United Bike Co. Beacon frame is available at BMX mailorders such as Dan's Comp and Two by Four, as well as any authorized United Bike Co. dealer. If you can't find United Bike Co. products near you, log onto The Building Web site and plug your zip code into the United Dealer Locator box.