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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
James Stewart talks 'MX vs. ATV Alive'

James Stewart unveils the cover of THQ's 'MX vs. ATV Alive' at the first round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series in Anaheim.

Supercross superstar James Stewart is known as "the fastest man on the planet."

But exactly how fast is "fastest"?

"I've done 180 on a street bike before," Stewart tells me as we meet up in Anaheim during the unveiling of THQ's new video game, "MX vs. ATV Alive." "It just gets to a point where it's tunnel vision and you can't really see anything.

"But on the track, that's different. I just go out and spin it. I enjoy racing and I'm not afraid to go out and let it hang out. I just want to win so bad, I make it happen. I'm always trying to go as fast as possible. But going 180, that was fun."

180 isn't just fast, it's video-game fast. No wonder THQ signed Stewart to be the first pro rider ever featured on the front of box for their "MX vs. ATV" franchise, a series of games that has already sold over 10 million units worldwide.

And it's a game that Stewart thinks will help grow his sport's popularity.

"I was watching this kid the other day, he picked up a copy of 'Madden,'" Stewart explains, "and his face when he got that video game, he was just looking at it like, 'Oh my gosh!' That's the same thing with 'MX vs. ATV Alive.' Once you see the graphics, you're going to want to play. It makes the average person get closer to the sport than ever before, and that's something really cool about the game."

Here's what else Stewart has to say about the game, racing, and why, when it comes to racing, boring is better.

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