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Friday, January 21, 2011
Coffee Talk with Brian Kachinsky

Brian Kachinsky, while at home for a brief second in Chicago, Ill.

The other day I found myself passing through Chicago again, and every time I do, I make an effort meet up with DK's Brian Kachinsky. The funny thing is, he's always traveling when I come to town, and we never get to meet up. I run into him more in other parts of the country throughout the year than in Chicago. I guess that's just the life of a pro BMXer, but Kachinsky's is more like that of a celebrity. He's always on the go, traveling on some of the most unique and coolest trips that go down in BMX. And as luck would have it, we finally did get to meet up on my last pass through Chicago.

Of course, Brian just got back into town and was already packing his bags to fly out to Calfornia the next day. He was off to stay at Rooftop's house and get out of the snow. We didn't have much time to shoot photos, but he had a minute to grab some coffee and catch up. He told me about some of the wild trips he's gone on lately, in addition to the whole etnies team change. This is our conversation. Shortly after coming back from your Iraq trip for "Bike Over Baghdad," you flew down to New Orleans just to ride an abandoned Six Flags Theme park. What was that like? Who all went and did you find much to ride?
Kachinsky: Aaron Ross, Jeff K., Walter Pieringer and myself went on a spur of the moment adventure that couldn't have gone much better. It was fun, scary and interesting all wrapped up in two action-packed days. The result will be in an upcoming issue of Ride UK. It's going to be awesome. Keep your eyes out for it.

You've been busted before riding and fined pretty heavy for riding a spot in the past. Were you scared that you might get arrested or fined riding the Six Flags park in New Orleans?
Nah, I'm over it. I'm just going to keep riding my bike, having fun and hoping that I don't make anyone mad while doing it.

You just left for California to kick it with Rooftop and Kat Von D. How's it going? What are you guys up to? Are you planning on getting a tattoo while you're out there?
I'm just out in California avoiding the worst part of the Midwest winter. Rooftop was nice enough to let me crash at his place. No Kat sightings so far but I've met her before, she's rad and very down to earth. Tattoos? Nah, tattoos are not my cup of tea but well-done tattoos do look pretty rad.

There were just that big shake up with the entire etnies team for 2011. What are your thoughts about it all and are you excited about the direction things are going?
I think the etnies team for 2011 is awesome! That being said, I thought the 2010 team was amazing too. Things change and what goes on behind the scenes is really none of my business so I stay out of all that. I am stoked for trips this year with the crew and being able to wear some of the best shoes out. Thanks etnies!

What's your number one goal for 2011?
My goal is to get rad at least once a day. So far so good!