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Monday, January 24, 2011
Stacked field, serious surf for Volcom Pro

Pipe local and lifeguard, Dave Wassel had a solid warm up this weekend.

It's been a wild week in the Pacific, especially on the Rock known as Oahu. Quality northwest swells have been unloading on the North Shore all week, and our man, Peter 'Joli' Wilson has been capturing the action from Waimea to Pipe. Well, Joli is back on a jet today, heading home to Australia, where Cyclone Andrew may be whipping up a bomber for the Gold Coast. But the NPAC bombardement of the Hawaiian Island is not over.

The inhabittance of the two houses directly in front of Pipeline, are hoping to see the swell continue today for the start of the Volcom Pipeline Pro. And with an eight to ten-foot swell getting stronger throughout the day, there's a very good chance that might happen.

Volcom has laid quite the claim to Pipeline, not only buying the trademark Pipe house, but also acquiring the former home of Gerry Lopez, right next store. They've built a team of dedicated Pipe professionals. And after having never owned an ASP event, last year chose to sponsor the 5-star Pipeline Pro.

Last year, Jamie O'Brien took the maiden event over Anthony Walsh, Mark Mathews, and Danny Fuller. We also saw Outer Banks surfer, Brett Barley put up the biggest numbers in the early rounds by simply going for broke. This year, Volcom gave Kalani Chapman a valuable Wildcard slot into the Round of 64, based on a video entry contest, judged by Derek Ho, Micheal Ho, and Lopez himself. We'll also see such notables as Dusty Payne, who's heroics ranked among the highlights of December's Billabong Pipeline Masters, and a few former tour fellas that excelled at Pipe, like Bruce Irons, Dean Morrison, and Cory Lopez.

If the Volcom Pipeline Pro gets started today, it will likely run right through, as the swell will only build this week (possible 18 foot faces for Tuesday, accordig to Surfline) although the event has through February 5th.

You can catch the webcast at And maybe our boy Joli will be able to sleep on the plane.