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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Updated: January 27, 10:44 AM ET
Drew Brees uses Pro Bowl week for good causes

Don't feel too bad for Drew Brees.

Naturally, he's a little disappointed that his team, the New Orleans Saints, isn't going to get a chance to defend its Super Bowl title -- and yes, that game against the Seahawks still smarts -- but he's got a few projects to keep him busy enough in the postseason. He's even excited to see the Steelers and the Packers square off, saying he has a lot of respect for both teams.

Saints' Drew Brees
Drew Brees is shaking off the Saints' playoff loss by working with children on health and wellness.

"Those are two really good teams and so obviously it's hard because you know, for us to have been there, and then hoping that we'd get back this year and being in the playoffs and falling short, you know, it's kinda hard to watch at times," Brees said. "Because you say, 'Man, I wish we were there.' But both these teams have earned the right to be there."

Brees is still the reigning Super Bowl MVP, and he's in Hawaii this week for his fifth Pro Bowl. While there, he's partnering with Procter & Gamble, which is sponsoring the 2011 NFL Play 60 Community Blitz. The event happens Thursday and will be the largest community service event in the NFL's history. Brees will work with children to promote health and wellness, a passion of his.

"Anything that involves kids and exercise and health and wellness and just improving their quality of life, I'm all about that," says Brees, who also does community service projects in New Orleans. While in Hawaii, Brees says he's going to meet up with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at the Honolulu YMCA, because they also will be building a play area there.

"I'm just happy to be a part of it and excited to see those kids and the smiles on their faces," he said."I understand the platform that I've been given as an NFL player, and just knowing that there's a lot of kids that look up to you. Whether you like it or not, as a professional athlete you are a role model, so you can choose to embrace that or ignore it. But I'm definitely gonna embrace it and take it as a huge responsibility to help others."