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Sunday, January 30, 2011
Edit: Brian Kachinsky in Baghdad, Iraq

BMX has allowed me to live inside the history books that once just weighed down my backpack as I rode my bike school. A few years ago on an etnies trip, we hopped a fence and rode a bank-to-rail in front of Hitler's former airport in Berlin, which was crazy. I've also got to pedal down the same streets that Manuel Noriega once marched his army down in Panama. I've manualed through Red Square in Moscow and done a barspin in front of the former KGB headquarters. This video is a brief glimpse into an experience that goes beyond words. Riding in Saddam Hussein's palace was insane. These brief minutes of riding through his former empire made things more vivid to me than any history book or Discovery Channel program ever could. I'm thankful for the experience and hope you enjoy it. Footage courtesy of Brian Kachinsky, editing by David Leep.