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Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Rodrigo TX's take on U.S. vs. Brazil

The latest DGK addition is all smiles.

Brazil, like most impoverished countries, seems to have a bottomless pool of skateboarding talent. For the skaters there it might be their only means of rising above the poverty. But success skating in North America is a difficult road. Unlike professional basketball, which has become an international game with one or two foreign players on each team, skateboarding's elite tend to still be U.S. born and bred.

Over the years many amazing skateboarders have come over to The States from Brazil; very few have stuck around. Rodrigo Teixeira was one of the first to really make a name for himself in the U.S. His pleasant demeanor, innovative trick selection and smooth style has given him the longevity and long lasting international popularity that eluded so many of his Brazilian countrymen.

Splitting his time between Brazil and the U.S. the newest DGK pro tells us his favorite things about both his homes:

1. The people and its culture
2. Being able to skate to spots I grew up skating
3. Barbecues with my ninjas
4. The clubs stay open till at least 5 a.m.
5. Corinthians (my soccer team!)

1. Mad spots!
2. Free product for days
3. Meditation medicine
4. Being respected for what I do, which is skateboarding!
5. Being part of DGK!