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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Face Time video with Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero blasts a backside air during a typical vert session in Richmond, California.

The word "legend" gets tossed around a little too loosely in skateboarding circles these days. I'm guilty of it myself. We all get overly excited about our childhood heroes and, seems like, as soon as someone's been pro for a decade or more, the "legend" moniker gets tacked on to their name. Above the fray of hoopla and over-hype however, there are a handful of skaters still rolling that truly deserve the distinction. Steve Caballero is one of those individuals.

Skating for 34 years, sponsored for 32 years and pro for a little over 30 years, Steve Caballero is the real deal. Caballero is the real deal not just because of his outstanding legacy in skateboarding but because he continues to roll, to skate and to push himself to this very day. Our man in the Bay Area, Tadashi Yamaoda, recently caught up with Caballero at a vert session in Richmond, Calif. Tadashi filmed Caballero skating and got him talking about Powell-Peralta, family, skating and what he's got going on in 2011. Full video after the jump.