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Monday, February 14, 2011
Checking in video with Jimmy Carlin

Not so long ago there was time when professional skateboarding was positively filled with eccentrics, non-conformists and every kind of misfit. People like Mark Gonzales and Neil Blender set the standards and the only standard was that the rules were out the window. Times change. These days, the kid that might have ended up a professional soccer player is just as likely to pick up a skateboard. While creativity is complimented more than ever with unbelievable and outstanding skill these days, some from the older generation lament the loss of the weird ways things used to be. And yet, no matter what level of acceptance our pastime reaches, I'd wager skateboarding still attracts more misfits than most. We're proud to count the odd ones as part of our crews and we celebrate individuality in everything from style, to clothing to spot selection. And with that for an intro, who better to kick off your week than a check in with Mystery's Jimmy Carlin?