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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
"The Bones Video" reviewed

This boardslide that Jordan Hoffart is doing goes from rail to bricks as seen in "The Bones Video."

Last week a copy of the brand new, full-length video from Bones wheels made its way to my desk. A full video from a wheel team is not exactly a regular occurrence. Though there have been a few over the years, from the handful of strong wheel companies in the skateboard industry, few have stood up to the caliber of videos produced by board and shoe companies. Let's face it, if you're a sponsored skater, your wheel sponsor is not going to be your big bread winner, check-wise. It follows that you may not give your wheel sponsor you're A-grade footage for their video production. As it happens though, "The Bones Video" comes correct with solid skating and full, legit parts from skaters including Chad Bartie, Jordan Hoffart, Adam Dyet, Ryan Decenzo and more.

After a brutal, slam-filled, perfunctory intro montage, Chad Bartie sets things off with a solid part. I can't really remember Bartie's last full part unless it's from New Deal's 2002 opus, "7 Year Glitch." At any rate, Bartie, the two-time X Games medalist, brings it in this part with park and pool annihilation and just enough street moves to remind everyone that he really can skate everything.

Bartie is followed up by Jake Duncombe who brings more transition chomping to the video. Duncombe shares a song with Sierra Fellers who brings some tech rails and stylish switch flip tricks to the equation. Fellers is a known commodity but every time I see footage of him I realize how underrated he still is.

Some of the real genms in this video are in the extended montages of the pros and ams that don't have full parts. Tyson Bowerbank, the new grom on Darkstar has a backside Smith to backside 360 kickflip out. Yep, that happened. Dakota Servold and Sam Hubble also stand out from the pack in the montages.

The young guns from the Creature camp, who also ride for Bones, David Gravette, Truman Hooker and Taylor Bingaman share a part that is pretty memorable.

Ryan Decenzo has rail and gap tricks that prove once again that he's one to watch these days.

Finally, the much-deserved curtains of this video go to Powell-Peralta pro, Jordan Hoffart. Gnarly. Hoffart dropped a full part for the now-defunct Adio just a few months back and an intense part in the Powell video, "Fun" just over a year prior to that. His mix of big and technical stuff along with a healthy slash of creative tricks makes Hoffart's part worth the price of the video alone. Go out and buy this one. Support skateboarding.