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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Slater slashes his dome

Kelly Slater slotted, on what looks like the shortest longboard ever.

While Kelly Slater played the old "I may compete; I may not compete," game again after his tenth title, we all knew he'd be surfing several events for certain in 2011, including the Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro. Barring injury, he would be competing at Snapper Rocks.

Kelly Slater sustained a gash on his dome yesterday at D-Bah.

"The waves at Snapper wake me up enough for motivation, but I'd love to get another win at the Quiksilver Pro," Slater told the ASP yesterday, "Either a great way to go out or to start another campaign, I can't honestly answer that (my plans for the year) right now. I've thought about doing a farewell aloha tour and saying bye to the tour and I've thought about retiring after this event for real."

Slater will likely do all the Quik events. But then yesterday, while surfing D-Bah in a World Pro Surfers "Surfing with the Pros" session, Mr. Slater had a close call. In what was likely, his own skeg to the dome, he got a gash on his "beautiful bald head," as one local put it. Slater was out putting one of his new small wave quads to the test, when he got a slice far worse than anything in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament two weeks ago.

Slater came in with a few streams of blood down his championship noggen. It's a two-inch incision, which may require stitches, but won't prevent him from surfing the event.

The Florida native spent the time off working on his quiver in California and Florida. "Surfing myself out most of January was fun," he added.

In Round 1, Slater faces wildcard, Kai Otten, who is back from a much more serious bulging disk injury in his neck.

"Eewww, that looks gnarly, mate."
*Additional reporting by Jan "Mrs. Joli" Wilson