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Thursday, March 10, 2011
Updated: March 11, 1:49 PM ET
Keeping up with the Logans

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There are a number of pro siblings in the sport of freeskiing. Jossi and Byron Wells. Chris and Ted Davenport. Megan and Peter Olenick. Angel and Johnny Collinson. The list goes on. But a new set of siblings has been making headlines and contest podiums lately: Brother and sister Chris and Devin Logan, who grew up skiing at Mount Snow, Vermont, and in January made their Winter X debut. I decided to call them both up at the same time, which took a bit of coordinating. Devin, 18, was in Minnesota, where she was on an urban film shoot, and Chris, 21, called in from Mammoth, Calif., where he's been living the past three years. I told them I had some questions for them, but I also encouraged them to ask each other questions too. Here's how the conversation went.

ESPN Freeskiing: Devin, you're competing for the first time at Winter X Europe next week. Are you looking forward to it?
Devin: Yep, this will be my first time in Europe, too. I expect it to be similar to X Games in Aspen, but I want to do better than I did in Aspen. I want to redeem myself. I'm excited to compete.

ESPN Freeskiing: You'll be the only girl competing in both Superpipe and Slopestyle. How do juggle both?
Devin Logan: It's pretty crazy. You have to pace yourself. You can't do all your tricks in one day on slope and expect to have energy in halfpipe training. I just have to remember that I have plenty of time to train and know that I have tricks in my back pocket.

Chris Logan: Devin, what do you enjoy competing in better: halfpipe or slope?
Devin: I like competing in both equally. It balances me out in a way that's kind of hard to explain. I feel I'm equally good in both. In the last Dew Tour, I got second in both slope and pipe.
Chris: True. Like you said, you do well in both. I think you're better in pipe just for the simple fact that the competition isn't as strong. I feel like your style and that you grab every trick on every wall definitely makes you stand out compared to other girls who don't grab on every trick.

ESPN Freeskiing: Doing both, sounds like you may be doubling your chances of making the Olympic team, if both disciplines get in for the 2014 Winter Games.
Devin: Halfpipe has had a big possibility of getting in and now Slopestyle is also being looked at for recommendation. I'd love to be an athlete competing for America in both events. That would be awesome in my book.

Devin: Chris, if Slopestyle doesn't get into the Olympics, would you try for pipe?
Chris: The Olympics aren't high on my radar. It's kind of something that if it happens, it happens. I'm not like a lot of people who are going to train for halfpipe because it's going to be seen on international television. I like what I do, skiing park and backcountry.

ESPN Freeskiing: Chris, you've just recently gotten into more backcountry skiing, right? And you're filming with Level 1 this year?
Chris: Yeah, it's pretty new over the past few years. I grew up skiing in the park and didn't really do any all mountain until I came out to Mammoth. But you can't not ski powder here. There's so much snow. I definitely wish I were introduced to it earlier. But now being able to film with Level 1, I hope to keep it up.

Chris: Devin, if you could be on a game show, which would it be?
Devin: The Price is Right. Because I'm good at guessing. Or because it's one of the easiest games.
Chris: I would say Family Feud. Because we have an insane family and we'd hold it down.
Devin: Oh true. I'd definitely agree with you.

ESPN Freeskiing: Did your parents get you both into skiing?
Devin: Yeah, our dad started skiing fairly young for his age.
Chris: Not really. He was in his 20s. But we started getting into it when we were young. We'd go on weeklong trips, like we went to Big Sky, Montana, once. We started going up to Vermont and it became an every weekend type of thing.
Devin: I really wanted to be a ski racer. But Chris and our brother Sean discouraged me. I'm glad they did.
Chris: I was just a bossy older brother.

ESPN Freeskiing: What's it like for both of you competing with your sibling there as well?
Devin: It's always fun to have him there. At the last Dew Tour, he ended up coming to both events to watch me, which is rare. On the slope course, he was on top pumping me up and telling me what I needed to do. He's always cared but he's finally recognizing my career and that I'm doing great things. Growing up, people would be like, 'You're Chris Logan's little sister,' and now I'm making a name for myself and people are saying, 'Those are the Logan siblings.' That feels pretty good.
Chris: I'm psyched to see her doing her own thing. She's been killing it this year and really stepping it up and doing well. Sometimes I give her a pep talk and let her go for it.

ESPN Freeskiing: What are your plans for the rest of the season?
Chris: I might take a pause from the contest scene -- it's definitely been a long season on the road. I like competing but I think I competed more this year than I have in quite a few years. Now I'm going to try to focus on skiing and filming and not having to worry about putting two runs together.
Devin: I'm a senior in high school and I have one more final and then I'm done. After school, I definitely want to go out West to ski and hopefully in my off time take some college classes. I'd like to film. I have a bunch of plans in my head.