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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Look Who's Calling Dylan Alito

Dylan Alito
He's more of a slider than a spinner. Although, he can do both pretty damn well.

A lot of the kids that come out of Breckenridge, Colorado these days are the Dew Tour, X Games, U.S. Open types. They wear bright outerwear and hang in the Breck park and try to one-up each other by spinning the most amount of circles in the air on their snowboards. Dylan Alito used to be one of these kids, but then he realized that jumping on handrails and traveling with his friends was much more satisfying. Alito just crushed it at the Ride Shakedown in Snoqualmie this past weekend, and will be featured in the new ThirtyTwo video "Ammo," coming out here soon. We caught up with him to talk about filming, wack stances, and riding with the Guch.

What's up my man?
Not much. Just chilling.

What have you been up to?
I've been out in Jackson riding some powder.

Nice. What were you doing out there?
Volcom is doing these webisodes for their website, so we went and filmed in Minnesota for one earlier this year and I went out to Jackson to film for another one.

What else are you filming for this winter?
Well, ThirtyTwo is making an am video this year, so that's the main project. It's going to be Brandon Hobush, Chris Brewster, Tyler Flanagan, and myself. I'm also working on a Role Model Productions part.

Once upon a time the only shots you saw coming out of Colorado were tree jibs. Dylan Alito is bringing it back.

You live with my little homie Johnny Lazz out in Tahoe -- how has that been?
Well, I haven't been home since November because I have been out grinding with the whole filming thing. When I was there it was great though. we were partying and shredding all the time. We would always make dinners and try to have some ladies over!

How did that work out for you guys?
All right. Johnny decided to invite a bunch of college girls over on a school night, so they couldn't be up past their bedtime.

Are you rocking that horrible skinny stance that all the little rail dancers are riding?
Hell no! My stance is right on point: 22 and half inches, right past shoulder width.

So you don't look like one of those figure skater kids?
[Laughs] No, I don't get why they make of fun of all the Olympians if they are trying to look like figure skaters. You're supposed to have your stance on point and be ready to ride the mountain.

You can jump and hit rails -- are you an ATV who likes to ride everything?
Oh yeah, my favorite thing to ride is actually moguls. It sounds kind of weird but I feel like you really get in there and feel the carves and pop some airs. You can fly past the skiers and they look super confused about how you're riding moguls faster then them.


That's not really your favorite thing to ride.
[Laughs] Yeah moguls. First run of the day I just point the moguls and head into the trees.

What kind of stuff did you hit in Jackson?
We were mostly in the backcountry with sleds and hiking around a bunch. It's wild, I haven't really taken sleds into the backcountry very many times, but we got Brain Iguchi as a mentor. He's been teaching us a bunch of stuff, and I have been really taking that to heart and listening to him.

We also got to go out with Kevin Jones and Tara Dakides. I never thought I would meet either one of them. It was insane.

Any of those Jackson boys give you a hard time for not being locals?
No, people have been cool because we have been keeping small little crews coming in and out, plus we had the Guch showing us around. He took us to some really rad spots that he hadn't even been to in like ten years. They're still burley now and still hold up to today's standards. That's why Guch is the man.

Did you guys run into Travis Rice and that whole circus?
No, I heard they were working this one zone really hard and Iguchi didn't want to take us back there to build a little 80 foot jump onto one of the landings they had planned for like a 200 foot jump -- so we just stayed out of that area.