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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Video: Chima talks "Since Day One"

Chima Ferguson, cold chilling.

Australia's Chima Ferguson was turned pro by Real skateboards in June of last year. A solid part in Volcom's "Let's Live" followed up by heavy coverage in all of the skate media, both print and web, led to the general consensus that Ferguson had paid his dues. In the past few years, much of Ferguson's efforts have gone towards the filming for Real's "Since Day One" video, which has its San Francisco premiere tomorrow night. With photos already in print like his Thrasher magazine cover of a switchstance backside tailslide down the famous Clipper hubba ledge, Ferguson's part should be one to watch ... and watch ... and watch.

I caught up with Ferguson to find out how filming for the video went, who's part he can't wait to see and what he's doing on this most recent trip to the States. Full video interview after the jump »