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Friday, April 8, 2011
Live Blog

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Watch now as Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona break down Day Three of the Alabama Charge on a live edition of

Hooked Up!


Big bags are the things that makes big moves even on Day Three.

Taking a quick look at who had the best day it shapes up like this.

Matt Reed appears to have had the best day, he actually started at the dam, but left earlier.

He has a 20-5 stringer.
Denny has 19-14
Alton Jones 19-14
Iaconelli has 18-8
Poche has 17-14
Scroggins has 17-13
Craig Schuff has 17-4
Grigsby has 16-15
Stephen Browning has 16-12
Hite has 16-7
Bobby Lane has 16-1
Jeff Connella has 16-1
And KVD has 16

There are about 10 anglers in the 15-pound range

That's some really good fishing after three days of being hammered. And it seems to be getting better. Almost every angler in the field has a limit.

-- Steve Bowman


I just visited with Trip Weldon, and evidently Bobby Lane has had some issues with his boat and motor and is having to ride in with another competitor.

Don't know if he's in the boat at the moment, or the helping competitor is sticking close until time to leave. There's not much time left. But Lane has had a good day. He has about 16 pounds and sits in fourth place.

Meanwhile, Nate Wellman has snuck into the top five. He has a reported 16-12 and is fifth, pushing Scroggins down a position.

We're still watching to see if the dam bite bug will hit Elias. If he catches a couple like those Poche boated, he will be in the middle of this thing in no time.

-- Steve Bowman


We have just published the latest on the water gallery, which includes the barge traffic at the lock and fish catches from the likes of Skeet Reese, Jason Williamson, Jared Lintner and Day One leader Denny Brauer.

Brauer is shown doing what he does best, flipping.

-- Mike Suchan


It must be getting really exciting at the dam. After sitting on two fish most of the day, Keith Poche is not only turning up the heat, but he's caught fire himself.

He just culled that 1-8 with a 6-pounder. We don't know if it's a smallmouth or largemouth. But the toad is in the boat.

He has 17-14 for the day and just took the lead. He has 5 ounces on Hite and 2 pounds on Denny.

The plot thickens.

-- Steve Bowman


The dam bite picked up for everyone there.

Hite has now finished his limit with a 2-5.

That give him 16-7 for the day and 59-6 overall. More importantly, it gives him a 1-pound, 12-ounce cushion over Denny.

Can you imagine the sense of relief that washed over him when that fish hit the well?

Elias is now at the dam with Hite and Poche. The bite bug could hit him next. He needs to finish his limit if he hopes to have a shot at fishing on Sunday.

-- Steve Bowman


The dam bite picked up. At least for Keith Poche.

He finally finished his limit. He now has five fish that weigh in around 13-6.

His last two were a 5- and 2-pounder that seemed to come back-to-back. The smallest in his well is 1-8, so he could do some serious upgrading with a giant at any moment.

His weight pushes him to fourth overall, 2 1/2 pounds behind Brauer.

-- Steve Bowman


The bass are eating at Denny's again.

He's just updated his sack, catching a 4-pounder that gives him right at 20 pounds and eases him over Davy Hite.

Hite is stuck on four, 9 ounces behind the master of flipping.

I keep trying to remember if there has ever been an Elite event that was won without a limit on one of the four days, and I certainly can't even fathom that happening.

Hite's thinking the same thing. He knows he has to have that fifth fish. At this point in the game that may be the most important fish of this event if he expects to win.

If Brauer knew Hite was having trouble with No. 5, he might be hoping and praying it doesn't show up.

-- Steve Bowman


I've been so tied into watching how the anglers fishing the dam are doing, it's been easy to overlook four guys that have been basically been black all day.

They were in the top 12 yesterday and evidently are fishing far enough away in some dark corner of the tournament waters that we've not been able to get a GPS fix on them. We've not gotten any catch data on them either

They are Chad Griffin, Charlie Hartley, Ott DeFoe and Dave Wolak.

Those guys stay on their previous path from the last two days and they could certainly be in the top 12.

Assuming they've stayed consistent, that would put Jeff Connella on the bubble and ease Iaconelli out of the final 12. That's a big assumption.

But you have to figure at least two of them will have good or better days. That's been the average for all the anglers except those who went to the dam.

Hite is winning that battle with 14 pounds. Horton has a limit, but Elias and Poche are still stuck on three fish apiece. Poche needs a couple of 3-pounders. Elias needs a couple of 4-pound class fish.

Davy Hite still leads with his four, and a good bite would give him a lot of breathing room. At present he's just 7 ounces ahead of Brauer in second and less than a pound ahead of Bobby Lane in third.

The gap widens after that. Scroggins is fourth, but he's 5 pounds back. Grigsby is sixth and he's almost six pounds back.

Alton Jones, who seems to be serious about a TTBAOY run, is sixth almost 7 pounds back. Hackney is seventh about 7 pounds back. And Jeff Connella is eighth about 7 pounds behind Hite.

Iaconelli, Kriet and Lintner fall in order below that, around 7 and change off the lead.

Then comes Rojas and Reed more than 8 pounds back, tied for the 11th spot.

From sixth through 17th, there's about a 4-pound difference and anything can happen for any of those guys in those positions this last hour.

Then you have to figure in those four anglers above that we have no info and expect that at least a couple of them will throw wrenches in the works.

Should make for an interesting final hour and weigh-in.

-- Steve Bowman


To see how Day Three of the Alabama Charge went down, watch these replays of the Live Video updates with Bassmaster emcee Dave Mercer.

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We are in the home stretch right now. Less than two hours to go and the pressure starts building for a lot of these guys.

At issue is the final 12-man cut. Currently Matt Reed and Dean Rojas are tied for 11th and represent the cut mark at 48-3.

Noticeably missing from that group is Keith Poche, who is stuck on two fish for about 4 1/2 pounds. He has 46-5 at the moment and a 3-pounder would get him into the mix.

Paul Elias has been in that group all week, but he has 5 pounds and needs to double that to get in, while holding off all the others who are culling. Everyone in the top 30 but Elias, Poche and Hite have a limit. They all started at the dam. And they are all back at the moment.

Those who have jumped into the mix are Alton Jones, now with 19 pounds, and sitting in 4th place. Iaconelli is sixth with 17-8 and Terry Scroggins is third with 17-13.

We expect to see some more changes in these waning hours, but things are starting to firm up a little. If Elias and Poche expect to fish another day, they'd better get something going pretty quick.

--Steve Bowman


It's after 3 p.m on Day Three of the Alabama Charge, and Denny Brauer's bass are finally showing up in the unofficial standings on BASSTrakk. Check out the top 10.

Pl.Angler NameTotal  Live Well Today Culled 
 * - BassTrakk EnabledCaughtWeightBackCaughtWeightCaughtWeightCountWeight
1DAVY HITE *1457 lbs 1 oz--414 lbs 2 oz414 lbs 2 oz00 lbs 0 oz
2DENNIS BRAUER *1556 lbs 10 oz0 lbs 7 oz518 lbs 14 oz1229 lbs 15 oz711 lbs 1 oz
3TERRY SCROGGINS *1551 lbs 13 oz5 lbs 4 oz517 lbs 13 oz1028 lbs 13 oz511 lbs 0 oz
4GREG HACKNEY *1550 lbs 2 oz6 lbs 15 oz514 lbs 10 oz616 lbs 4 oz11 lbs 10 oz
5MICHAEL IACONELLI *1550 lbs 0 oz7 lbs 1 oz517 lbs 8 oz923 lbs 6 oz45 lbs 14 oz
6JEFF KRIET *1549 lbs 9 oz7 lbs 8 oz514 lbs 4 oz2334 lbs 0 oz1819 lbs 12 oz
7JEFF CONNELLA *1549 lbs 2 oz7 lbs 15 oz515 lbs 2 oz1022 lbs 2 oz57 lbs 0 oz
8SHAW E GRIGSBY *1549 lbs 0 oz8 lbs 1 oz514 lbs 9 oz818 lbs 6 oz33 lbs 13 oz
9BOBBY LANE *1548 lbs 14 oz8 lbs 3 oz58 lbs 9 oz610 lbs 1 oz11 lbs 8 oz
10DEAN ROJAS *1548 lbs 3 oz8 lbs 14 oz514 lbs 7 oz1021 lbs 7 oz57 lbs 0 oz


Good to see Iaconelli making a move today. He was one of a handful of anglers that made a big move yesterday to jump into the cut.

The difference?

His 2-pounders turned into 4-pounders. Must have stayed big for Ike on Day Three. That doesn't surprise me much because he was one angler that wouldn't be hurt by falling water. Fishing off the bank for prespawn fish, he's intercepting the bass as they move into spawning grounds.

--Rob Russow


Trying to verify Hite's catch, his BASSTrakk lights up again with another keeper.

We now have him with four fish that total 14-2. No word if that is actually the fourth or fifth.

Doesn't matter at this point. His fourth fish put him at the top of the leaderboard with 57-1 overall and about 1/2 pound above Denny.

After that, we have Scroggins and Hackney in third and fourth.

And in some sort of magical imbalance, Michael Iaconelli just jumped into fifth place. He's registering a 17-6 stringer, which is borderline amazing considering he was in danger of being eliminated yesterday. As it appears now, he could be fishing on Day Four.

--Steve Bowman


Hite just showed up on the board with three fish that total 11-2, which puts him in that second place spot between Brauer and Scroggins.

I don't know if that is an addition to what we thought he had earlier or if the system is just catching up.

If it's an addition, it's feasible for him to have as much as 15 pounds with four fish.

If not, then I guessed his three fish too light, which wouldn't be a surprise. We'll try and verify.

--Steve Bowman


Jason Quinn is on the main river channel working small isolated pockets.

He's making short flip casts with a spinnerbait at flooded timber and laydowns. He tells us he's got 16 pounds in the box. Reminds me of back in the day when Jimmy Houston introduced the technique in the 1970s.

--Craig Lamb


Pickwick just keeps showing out. This is a pretty amazing place.

Those 13- to 15-pound limits seem to be the norm instead of the exception. And there are a lot of those today.

At least three anglers have in the neighborhood of 18 pounds &3151; Denny, Scroggins and Matt Reed. Craig Lamb reported earlier that Alton Jones was near that mark as well.

Guys in that 13- to 15-pound range include: Hackney, Connella, Kriet, Grigsby, Rojas, Howell, VanDam, Andy Montgomery, Lowen, Fralik, Schuff, Roumbanis and Russ Lane.

And that list is growing by the minute.

The ones noticeably missing from both those lists are Elias, Horton, Hite and Poche.

Currently, all but Elias are back at the dam. Horton's leading that battle with a limit around 12 pounds.

--Steve Bowman


Here is the top 10 as of 1:55 p.m. according to BASSTrakk on Day Three of the Alabama Charge:

Pl.Angler NameTotal  Live Well Today Culled 
 * - BassTrakk EnabledCaughtWeightBackCaughtWeightCaughtWeightCountWeight
1TERRY SCROGGINS *1551 lbs 13 oz--517 lbs 13 oz1028 lbs 13 oz511 lbs 0 oz
2GREG HACKNEY *1550 lbs 2 oz1 lbs 11 oz514 lbs 10 oz616 lbs 4 oz11 lbs 10 oz
3DAVY HITE *1249 lbs 9 oz2 lbs 4 oz26 lbs 10 oz26 lbs 10 oz00 lbs 0 oz
4JEFF CONNELLA *1549 lbs 2 oz2 lbs 11 oz515 lbs 2 oz1022 lbs 2 oz57 lbs 0 oz
5BOBBY LANE *1548 lbs 14 oz2 lbs 15 oz58 lbs 9 oz610 lbs 1 oz11 lbs 8 oz
6DEAN ROJAS *1548 lbs 3 oz3 lbs 10 oz514 lbs 7 oz1021 lbs 7 oz57 lbs 0 oz
7MATT REED *1348 lbs 3 oz3 lbs 10 oz518 lbs 0 oz619 lbs 4 oz11 lbs 4 oz
8SHAW E GRIGSBY *1548 lbs 1 oz3 lbs 12 oz513 lbs 10 oz715 lbs 15 oz22 lbs 5 oz
9RANDY HOWELL *1547 lbs 10 oz4 lbs 3 oz515 lbs 3 oz717 lbs 14 oz22 lbs 11 oz
10JARED LINTNER *1547 lbs 2 oz4 lbs 11 oz57 lbs 10 oz1113 lbs 10 oz66 lbs 0 oz


Time to head back to the ramp for the day. I've got to work up some pretty neat photographs from on the water. Really, some neat photographs of Denny Brauer. He put on a show for us today and while it might not be enough to reclaim the lead, he's definitely given himself a shot.

The action shut off almost completely for him with the arrival of the sun and I'll be curious to see if that holds true for anyone else.

It could be just one of those mid-day doldrums that some of the anglers have reported. These fish tend to bite periodically throughout the day. Brauer had a little flurry earlier that emphasized how important it is to pull up on the right bank at the right time.

--Rob Russow


Davy Hite is back on the water. We had to boot Overstreet from our camera boat to do it. But he's switched everything over, gone through boat check and is now on his way. That boat check and switch over revealed that he has three fish.

BASSTrakk has him down for two at 6-10. The three I saw are closer to 10-pounds, maybe a little more, maybe less. Smallmouth are hard to judge for me.

But if it is 10-pounds, that moves him to second place snuggled in between Brauer and Scroggins. Every keeper he can get in these last few hours is just icing to that.

The downside is I've lost an important set of eyes on the water. But we will keep watching BASSTrakk.

--Steve Bowman


Alton Jones is on the main river channel flipping. Craig Lamb says he has about 18 pounds, which is about six pounds heavier than BASSTrakk has him.

If that's accurate, Jones is in the top 10.

Not far from him is KVD, who appears to be fishing for spawning fish, or at least he's ultra shallow. We have KVD with about 14- to 15-pounds and in the top 15.

Jones is making a run at the TTBAOY. As a matter of fact, he's in the cat-bird seat on that race. KVD is always chasing that title, both are making a a little noise that will gain them needed points in that race.

Scroggins, though, may have made a big move with his second place standing at the moment.

--Steve Bowman


With the sun out, Brauer's progress has come to a grinding halt. He's methodically casting repeatedly to everything in his path. After working down the prime 100 yard stretch in about 20 minutes, he's spent the last 30 barely moving his boat.

It appears Brauer is looking for that one bigger bite and he knows this area is capable of it. Locked in like he is, his patience is incredible.

--Rob Russow


The noon, or lunch bite, has started at the dam. Poche deciding to wait paid off with a 3-pounder. That's not enough to keep him at the top, but it does show that the fish might start biting there.

Meanwhile, Davy Hite has broken down about a mile below the dam. Service crews and back-up boats are trying to get rounded up. But that's a bad bit of luck for Hite.

Hopefully, he can get up and running soon.

--Steve Bowman


James Overstreet just checked in telling us that Aaron Martens has just one small keeper and all the anglers have abandoned the dam except Poche.

Think about that a minute. Poche is sticking it out.

Guys like Elias, Hite, Reed and Horton, who have a combined century of experience left. This is the kind of decision that makes or breaks someone.

We'll watch Hite and Elias with interest. And Poche as well.

--Steve Bowman


Timmy Horton just ran by and Cliff Pace was headed up earlier. Anglers definitely are moving around and the slower bite has them thinking about what they need to do better.

Brauer is making all the right moves. He eased closer to where he was catching them and almost immediately hooked up with another good fish. Sitting down to cull, it looked like he upgraded another pound at least. That gives him four culls in this one pocket, leaving him with one more "smaller" fish left.

The sun has come out strong in the last few minutes, a major change from this morning. If any anglers were hoping for it to shine bright, now is their chance to make something happen.

--Rob Russow


The water level is certainly dropping, but it's the right kind of fall.

We are sitting on the bank of Pickwick in a trailer, that is doubling as blog central.

Yesterday, I marked a root near the edge and I've just now checked it. It appears in the last 20 hours or so, the water has fallen about 5 inches, give or take a couple inches.

That's a good rate of fall. Almost all of these fish that are coming to the scales are pre-spawn. Guys like Denny, Scroggins and Hackney are flipping or pitching to flooded cover, I think. That's an educated guess.

Some of the anglers reported on Day One that the water was pushed so far back in places they couldn't get to the fish. The fall, though, will bring them back, especially on a slow fall. That typically creates better fishing, although patterns become key.

My expectation is that's why we are seeing Brauer and Hackney make their moves. They understand where bass go to during these times and how to unlock getting bit. Not to mention they have the flipping skills, but it's that positioning knowledge when water falls that really can make the difference.

Those guys are still looking to upgrade, obviously they need those 4-pound or better fish. The dam guys (had to say it) are still stuck on slow. Hite has two, Poche one and Elias one. It's just past noon. The fish might be coming to them as well.

--Steve Bowman


A few raindrops have touched down on Pickwick Lake, but not enough to make any of the anglers don their rain jackets.

Brauer got into a nothing stretch of bank and quickly accellerated his pace. When he slowed, his second pitch resulted in another 1.5-pound fish. The small fish have been no problem since we saw him boat his last 3-pounder.

After catching another fish close to 2-pounds, Brauer pulls up the trolling motor and heads back toward the stretch that paid off for him earlier.

--Rob Russow


The latest gallery featuring photos from todays action has been posted.

And be sure and check out our hourly Hooked Up show with Dave Mercer, 12 p.m. EST and presented by Toyota Tundra.


Weather is getting a little funky.

One second you can feel a couple of sprinkles and then the next the sun is trying to beat back the clouds.

Obviously the clouds seem to have impacted the catch rate, or at least that's what some of the anglers are saying.

If the sun wins the battle, our guess is it will help almost all of these guys in some shape or form.

But at the rate it's going, it's a toss up on whether the sun, the rain or the clouds stick.

--Steve Bowman


The "Run and Gun" award of the day goes to Elite Series rookie Andy Montgomery. At every stop we've made, I've seen Montgomery roar past, both up and down the river, on his way to another fishing hole. Maybe that's why he struggled to get bites the last few days - he's spent more time driving than fishing.

Back with Brauer, a short lull was met by some excitement. He unleashed the beasts with a hookset and a fish around 1.5 pounds flew into the boat. Not even a glance in the livewell and the bass went back overboard. That means his two smallest he's still looking to cull aren't as small as he thought.

--Rob Russow


Denny Brauer has snuck back into the lead. He's boated a 14-15 pound stringer and zoomed from out of sight almost a pound above Terry Scroggins.

But the real news is Davy Hite has started catching them. He has two fish in the well that weigh 6-10. That means the quality bites are starting to replace all those drum and striper bites from this morning.

Elias and Poche each have one, so their catches could start coming up as well. It's getting close to noon here, so the next couple hours could reveal a lot.

Rojas, who is at the complete opposite end of the lake, sits in fourth with a 14-7 limit, no doubt tossing his frog in the flooded areas down there.

While Jeff Connella and Greg Hackney are fifth and sixth with 13 and 12-pound stringers respectively.

The weights are really starting to bump.

--Steve Bowman


Brauer is putting a flipping and pitching clinic on for us right now. He's just upgraded again with a 3-pounder and probably has in the neighborhood of 14 pounds. He just makes fishing this shallow cover look effortless.

Some anglers flip or pitch with their left and then change the rod over to their right to reel it in. Brauer is all business and never makes the switch. Sometimes it doesn't matter, but that split second helps get to the hookset as fast as possible. Brauer has no wasted motion in his shallow-water game.

It's exciting to watch.

--Rob Russow


A good fish finally bit for Brauer. After a little splashing by the side of the boat, he roped the 4-pound fish in. "I had five little ones and then I pulled in here and caught a 3 and that one, a little over 4," Brauer said. "The water has dropped some since yesterday, but maybe the cloud cover will move more up."

His limit weighs in the low teens after that cull and Brauer might have figured a little something out.

Just down the bank he sets the hook again and a 12-incher comes flying out, hitting the boat. It won't help him though.

The spot he's fishing looks delicious, with a row a cover serving as a current break and providing a great hiding spot for the bass he's after.

--Rob Russow


Here is the top 10 as of 12 p.m. according to BASSTrakk on Day Three of the Alabama Charge:

Pl.Angler NameTotal  Live Well Today Culled 
 * - BassTrakk EnabledCaughtWeightBackCaughtWeightCaughtWeightCountWeight
1TERRY SCROGGINS *1550 lbs 13 oz--516 lbs 13 oz720 lbs 5 oz23 lbs 8 oz
2DEAN ROJAS *1548 lbs 3 oz2 lbs 10 oz514 lbs 7 oz920 lbs 7 oz46 lbs 0 oz
3JEFF CONNELLA *1547 lbs 13 oz3 lbs 0 oz513 lbs 13 oz919 lbs 0 oz45 lbs 3 oz
4GREG HACKNEY *1547 lbs 12 oz3 lbs 1 oz512 lbs 4 oz512 lbs 4 oz00 lbs 0 oz
5JARED LINTNER *1546 lbs 10 oz4 lbs 3 oz57 lbs 2 oz79 lbs 2 oz22 lbs 0 oz
6BILL LOWEN *1544 lbs 14 oz5 lbs 15 oz512 lbs 12 oz2025 lbs 6 oz1512 lbs 10 oz
7ANDY MONTGOMERY *1544 lbs 14 oz5 lbs 15 oz512 lbs 7 oz613 lbs 7 oz11 lbs 0 oz
8NATE WELLMAN *1544 lbs 11 oz6 lbs 2 oz59 lbs 4 oz69 lbs 12 oz10 lbs 8 oz
9KEITH POCHE *1143 lbs 5 oz7 lbs 8 oz11 lbs 8 oz11 lbs 8 oz00 lbs 0 oz
10JEFF KRIET *1543 lbs 1 oz7 lbs 12 oz57 lbs 12 oz810 lbs 8 oz32 lbs 12 oz


Williamson set the hook again and his rod bowed up under the weight of a big fish. Turned out to be a drum and was unceremoniously dumped back into the lake.

We decide to keep moving down the lake to find more anglers and pass a local duo fishing off the bank. They told us they had success early fishing away from the bushes, but more recently noticed the current had subsided in the area, shutting the fish down.

Denny Brauer is not much farther down the lake in a small cut working the shallow cover methodically. He struggled yesterday compared to his Day One effort when he brought in over 23 pounds. That was helped by a 7-plus-pounder, which he couldn't find yesterday. Those bites go a long way in this event and there are a lot of people waiting for that to happen.

--Rob Russow


We are chasing Terry Scroggins who told us he had 16 pounds before second flight left the launch. Big story down here (we're 20 miles from Wilson Dam) is the falling water. Our guess is it's dropped 10 inches, pulling fish and anglers out of the sloughs and pockets where they followed them the past two days. Scoggins is burning a lipless crank across offshore creek channel flats featuring wood and submerged vegetation. He's working the bait through cover, giving it a pop when he gets snagged.

--Craig Lamb


Be sure and check out our hourly Hooked Up show with Dave Mercer, 12 p.m. EST and presented by Toyota Tundra.


The edges should have paid off for Williamson except for a tough break...literally.

After having a fish boil on his bait on one bush, J-Will flipped into the next bush and felt a hefty bass eat his bait. On the hookset though, his line snapped and Williamson was left with nothing.

The video can be found on the BASSCam page, as I was in the middle of one when he had the mishap.

"When you are flipping this heavy stuff, I guess you get nicks in your line," Williamson said.

After sitting down to retie, Williamson gets up and makes a circle with his boat to approach the same bush. No luck there, but about 5 minutes later, he jerks a small keeper out of the water. That's his third fish of the day, two little one and one that is "decent."

All this action has occurred in one little stretch after going almost to his stopping point without a nibble.

"It's funny how you go half a mile without a bite and that's three in a row right there," Williamson said.

--Rob Russow


The last few minutes have been unbelievable. There are bunches of little shad up in the flooded bushes and lately, bass have been crushing them all around Williamson almost constantly.

The problem?

"They are all 10-inch bass chasing those little shad," said Williamson.

Fish that size are not going to help Williamson make a run at the cut. As to the elusive 4-pound bite, Williamson has yet to dial them in on Day Three.

"They are probably sitting out there in about 5 feet."

--Rob Russow


Rob Russow and Jason Williamson are wondering about who might be locking through to Wilson Dam today.

The first lock for the anglers is at 10 a.m., and at the moment none of the anglers are any where close to trying to make it through.

At this point, everyone is sticking to their guns in Pickwick.

By the way, Check out the photos from this mornings take off in the Day 3 Launch gallery.

--Steve Bowman


Dave Mercer and J. Todd Tucker were just talking about how things were shaping up so far today.

The guys who went downstream are catching fish while those around the dam appear to be struggling.

That's all verified by BASSTrakk but we doubt any of those guys are in panic-mode at the moment. The early morning hours have been tough all week. There were probably a few more fish catches. But all those guys have talked about how things just seem to turn on around noon each day.

I don't know what would trigger that, but we're assuming all of those guys are waiting for noon to hurry up and get here.

Grant Goldbeck, who shared a drift with Aaron Martens, reported yesterday that while he was leaving to get back, Martens was still catching bigger fish. He watched him battle one of Martens' best fish refusing to start his motor for fear it would upset the fish and/or Martens. That decision almost cost him a penalty because he barely snuck into check-in time before getting late.

That serves to give you a little idea of how late some of the better fish seem to be biting. Most of these guys are in the first flight, so some of them may have a little shorter day than what they are accustomed to, cutting into that prime time.

But we also have to think about Steve Kennedy. He had almost 20-pounds near there on Day One, and didn't catch enough on Day Two to make the cut. Those kind of ups and downs will surely take place today.

--Steve Bowman


Add J-Will to the group of anglers that planned to lock at Wilson until they heard the schedule.

"Wonder how many guys ended up locking through," Williamson said. "I planned on going, but that's just not enough time. I didn't practice there because of the uncertainty."

Instead, Williamson has been down here on the lower end, where he's found the bite tougher. With only two keepers in the boat off his primary spot, he's moved a short distance away to an area he hasn't even fished yet. It looks like prime cover with plenty of bait flicking on the surface and is very flooded, yet that is precisely the problem.

"They are probably way up there where you can't get to them."

--Rob Russow


The four boats are holding the same line but now spread considerably. There is a rumor, unconfirmed, that Horton has landed a smallie, but we can't see that far.

We move a half mile downstream to Aaron Martens. Zona jumps in his boat. Aaron ticks off all the species caught, which doesn't include bass.

--Tommy Sanders


The sun is trying to poke its way out from between the clouds, but not with much success. That could keep the water from warming up as much as anticipated. The bite is strange back here with Lintner. He's set the hook two or three times in the last 15 minutes but come up empty and looks a little frustrated. Things are a little different from the last few days.

Just around the corner Jason Williamson is fishing shallow cover. The water here is more protected than where we just were and is almost 65 degrees, a huge difference.

--Rob Russow


The hefty sacks are starting to build up and down the standings.

Scrggins still leads the way with 17. Jeff Connella is in second with a 13-13. And Dean Rojas, who was in danger of not making the cut has 13-6, which puts him in third.

There are a variety of 6- to 9-pound stringers, but Chris Lane and KVD are now in the teens. VanDam doesn't have a limit yet, he's at four with 11 pounds and now sits in 12th place. Like Rojas he sucked it up the first day, but appears to be back to his old self once again.

--Steve Bowman


Everyone keeps noting how much slower the action is today compared to the previous two days.

Aaron Martens tells Zona that the cloud cover is killing everyone.

--Tommy Sanders


Lintner just set the hook hard and a fish came flying over his head. That rounds out a limit for Lintner, although they don't weigh much. This last one didn't look to be more than 2 pounds, although Lintner is bigger than your average angler.

Bites seem to be coming every 15 to 20 minutes and we've seen Lintner swing and miss a few times. Yesterday, we watched Short do the same thing and he explained that this time of year, the bass can be on beds that the anglers can't see. If you get a bite and don't connect on the hookset, keep pitching back to the key location.

Short said at times, he would bring his bait through that zone another 15 or 20 times from different angles to get the fish to bite again.

Most of the bedding bass aren't visible, but at least one angler pulled a few bedding fish in that he saw on Day Two. They weren't enough to make the cut and likely won't be a factor today with the cloud cover that is still hanging thick in the Florence area.

--Rob Russow


Lintner is fishing an area that should only get better as the water slowly falls. Right now and for the past few days, the lake level has been so high, it has flooded back into the bushes and allowed the bass to become inaccessible. A slow fall will pull those fish right to where Lintner waits.

Anglers worried that too much of a fall would kill the good shallow bite, but so far, that drop has yet to occur. It could happen overnight, but right now, the anglers are content to stick with what worked.

--Rob Russow


Keith Poche finally boats a keeper at around 1 1/2 pounds. It's a largemouth, instead of the smallmouth a lot of these guys have been catching.

He's casting into what looks like an eddy — a little 6-feet-in-diameter slick spot where the release water hits a corner of the concrete wall.

--Tommy Sanders

The catches just keep mounting on the leaderboard, even though the leaders have yet to get a bite.

Scroggins still leads the way with an impressive limit that totals around 17 pounds.

Jeff Connella is second with a limit around 12 pounds. Jared Lintner has four and is staying within the top of the standings with 5 pounds.

Denny has four, as well, for 6 pounds and sits in fourth place.

Dean Rojas has almost 10 pounds and is in fifth place.

Other limits include Chris Lane. BASSTrakk has him at 11 pounds, but Craig Lamb has him around 14 pounds. Either way he's in the top 10.

All those guys flipping the main lake or river channel are getting bit, some are putting together nice weights.

--Steve Bowman


Jared Lintner can still be a major player in this event. He had a monster bass on Day One close to 9 pounds.

Right now, he's fishing a backwater off the main lake in an area that looks similar to places back in California. He set the hook on a fish that looks to be 2 1/2 pounds and goes in the well with a cull tab on it. If earlier BASSTrakk reports are true, that would be his fourth fish.

The bank he's fishing looks to be a mile long, but he seems to be keying in on one little stretch. After catching that fish, he turns to work back through the area methodically. The water temperature back here is 59 degrees, very similar to the main lake likely due to the proximity to it. Unlike other areas that are back farther off the main channel, this one likely has some water moving through it. Also, it's completely protected from the wind.

--Rob Russow


We are with Chris Lane, fishing inside a small slough off the river channel.

He's already culling and reports a 14-pound limit. Looks like the key here is baitfish. We just had a huge wad of bait blow up beside our camera boat.

Not surprisingly, he's burning a white spinnerbait through the reeds and laydowns. He's about to leave, and we plan to follow and see if he's on a pattern running these little spawning pockets.

--Craig Lamb


More than 90 minutes of fishing here at the Wilson Dam and not a single bass in the livewell for Hite, Reed, Elias or Horton. Montgomery has left the area. And Poche is zero as well.

This is the Village of the Damned.

--Tommy Sanders


Check out the top 10 as of 10 a.m. according to BASSTrakk on Day Three of the Alabama Charge:

Pl.Angler NameTotal  Live Well Today Culled 
 * - BassTrakk EnabledCaughtWeightBackCaughtWeightCaughtWeightCountWeight
1TERRY SCROGGINS *1550 lbs 13 oz--516 lbs 13 oz516 lbs 13 oz00 lbs 0 oz
2JEFF CONNELLA *1443 lbs 12 oz7 lbs 1 oz49 lbs 12 oz49 lbs 12 oz00 lbs 0 oz
3DAVY HITE1042 lbs 15 oz7 lbs 14 oz00 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz
4JARED LINTNER *1342 lbs 13 oz8 lbs 0 oz33 lbs 5 oz33 lbs 5 oz00 lbs 0 oz
5BOBBY LANE *1141 lbs 13 oz9 lbs 0 oz11 lbs 8 oz11 lbs 8 oz00 lbs 0 oz
6KEITH POCHE1041 lbs 13 oz9 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz
7CHRIS LANE *1541 lbs 8 oz9 lbs 5 oz510 lbs 6 oz611 lbs 6 oz11 lbs 0 oz
8GREG HACKNEY *1240 lbs 8 oz10 lbs 5 oz25 lbs 0 oz25 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz
9JEFF KRIET *1339 lbs 13 oz11 lbs 0 oz34 lbs 8 oz45 lbs 4 oz10 lbs 12 oz
10PAUL ELIAS1039 lbs 10 oz11 lbs 3 oz00 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz00 lbs 0 oz


Terry Scroggins isn't the only one who is making a move today.

Denny Brauer is back in the mix. He's got four fish that weigh around 6 pounds and is in 2nd place.

Jeff Connella has four for almost 10 pounds and he's in third. Davy Hite without a keeper is in fourth place.

Lintner has three for 3-5 and is in fifth place.

--Steve Bowman


Andy Montgomery and Russ Lane were locked in a bit of a fishing duel. They weaved their way around each other within sight of the weigh-in stage, Montgomery fishing the bank and Lane just outside on the drop fishing deeper.

Montgomery hooked up with a fish, a largemouth over 2 pounds, within easy talking distance of Lane, but there wasn't much talking going on. Day Three is all business and these guys need a huge day to make the top-12 cut. Each day, Montgomery struggles to get bites, but he has managed to be remarkably consistent, bringing in 16 pounds and making the 50-cut.

Right now, we are headed toward a few anglers in the top 10. Aside from the two leaders and Paul Elias, the rest of the group are down the lake anywhere from 10 to 20 miles.

--Rob Russow


Matt Reed just hooked and lost a 4- to 5-pound largemouth. That's our first bass sighting of the morning.

It's a good guess from here that the leaderboard looks different than it did at launch.

--Tommy Sanders


Be sure and check out our hourly Hooked Up show with Dave Mercer, 10 a.m. EST. He will be joined by David Walker, who finished 66th in this event but has some unique takes on how these guys are approaching this event.


This place is a boon to tackle manufacturers The bottom is solid rubble, huge boulders strewn about.

Big drum and stripers get hooked and drag through that stuff. The ones that don't break off absolutely wreck the line and the bait.

Overstreet wouldn't be surprised to see guys re-spooling at mid-day. He said he watched Grant Goldbeck sit down and re-spool 15 reels on Day One.

--Tommy Sanders


Russ Lane is fishing very close to the launch. In fact, he is probably two casts from the off-limits area. This may be a spot he has confidence in or he may be killing time until he can lock through to Wilson.

The area must hold some intrigue for these anglers because Andy Montgomery just pulled up to the mouth of the take-off pocket and is working the shallow rocks here. Both are fishing the surface, which is a perfect choice considering the conditions. The weather is totally different from the last two days, with heavy clouds and a nice southwest wind.

Neither angler has had a bite yet, but I think I should be able to hear it when they do.

--Rob Russow


All these guys at the dam are sitting on the seam (between the slackwater and the release) throwing swmbaits. Davy is throwing a a 5-inch Berkley Hollowbelly.

Davy said he got here on Day One at 12:30 and caught 23 pounds. On Day Two, he had one at 11:30. He doesn't know why they don't bite until after lunch.

--Mark Zona


Catches are starting to come in at a more rapid clip on BASSTrakk. While our leaders are still fishless, Chris Lane has about 7-6 that puts him in 7th place at the moment.

There are several other 1-pound catches with Randy Howell's 4-pound and Skeet's 3-pound mixed in.

The biggest move, though, is Scroggins. He's several miles down the river from the dam, along with the majority of the field.

--Steve Bowman


Davy is set up facing the south bank 80 yards from the face of Wilson Dam. Downstream of him in 30-feet intervals are Matt Reed, Paul Elias, Andy Montgomery and Timmy Horton.

No bass yet.

Poche is getting close to the 200-pound drum total.

Davy Hite tells Zona that he will stay here all day.

--Tommy Sanders


Skeet Reese was going to run to Wilson until he heard the locking schedule. The first chance to get through isn't going to be until 10:00, giving the anglers less than 4 hours on Wilson. Reese said forget it after that. He's dealt with a shortened day on Wilson before and it didn't turn out all that well.

Right now, Reese is focusing on heavy current areas. He actually has to drift down the bank, using his trolling motor to slow the drift and steer — that's how strong the current is. He's fishing areas we saw him in last year while he was waiting for the lock to open.

Just when it seemed he was going to move, Reese hooks up with a nice fish. In the heavy current, it fights hard and Reese has to get down in the console to land the chunky largemouth, one close to 3 pounds. Interestingly, he immediately pulls the trolling motor and idles up above where he got the bite. I'm guessing there is a sweet spot he wants to stay near.

--Rob Russow


There is a reason they call Terry Scroggins "Big Show."

This morning is one of those. He's currently boated a limit that totals 16-13. That comes while most of the anglers in the field have yet to get a bite.

Scroggins big weight obviously has him in the lead. And we have verified with his Marshal that the information is correct.

"Big Show" is making a showing and gives credence to the idea that just about every angler in this field can still win this event.

--Steve Bowman


It may be a grind up here at the dam, but the action is fast and furious.

Hite and Elias are wading through the stripers and Poche is racking up the carp right on the wall on the slack side of the generator release.

Timmy Horton has now joined the fray.

--Tommy Sanders


Jared Lintner has scored the first fish flesh of the morning, boating a 1-pound keeper that moves him up from fifth place to third.

By the end of the day, that fish may not play a huge factor beyond bringing some confidence to Lintner.

Those guys in the lead have all said their style of fishing is a "grind" so we may not see anything from them in a quick way.

On down the list, Terry Scroggins has just boated a 4-pounder according to BASSTrakk, then that's quickly followed by another 4-pounder. That gives him a quick 8-pounds on the day. We haven't verified those catches. That could be a simple double punch on the BASSTrakk phones, but knowing Scroggins, it could be real as well.

If it holds up, he's all of the sudden in 2nd place.

Randy Howell has added a 4-pounder as well and in the top 10

You can see a lot of these changes on the BASSTrakk page.

--Steve Bowman


The first flight has taken off and none of the anglers ran up the chute to the lock. Not really much of a shock there. The second flight is still waiting at the dock, and it's in this crowd we will likely find a risk-taker willing to try his hand on Wilson.

On the third day, B.A.S.S. staggers the take-off so each flight has an equal amount of fishing time. Boat order is the same as the standings, with Davy Hite and Keith Poche leading the way.

After we see if any anglers head to the lock, we will be running about 20 miles downriver to find "the flippers" — Bobby Lane, Ott Defoe and company.

-- Rob Russow


The first flight has taken off and none of the anglers ran up the chute to the lock. Not really much of a shock there. The second flight is still waiting at the dock, and it's in this crowd we will likely find a risk-taker willing to try his hand on Wilson.

On the third day, B.A.S.S. staggers the take-off so each flight has an equal amount of fishing time. Boat order is the same as the standings, with Davy Hite and Keith Poche leading the way.

After we see if any anglers head to the lock, we will be running about 20 miles downriver to find "the flippers" — Bobby Lane, Ott Defoe and company.

-- Rob Russow


We left the take-off early to get to the dam a minute or two before the anglers arrive. Already a good number of local anglers are set up here. They are not exactly on the spot where Hite, Elias and Poche blast into.

-- Tommy Sanders


Dean Rojas says Kermit the Frog will play a big role in today's fishing. It will definitely get more play today, even though water levels may be rising or falling. It makes no difference to him.

He loves what is happening with the water temperatures right now.

-- Tommy Sanders


In any event on Pickwick or Wilson, you can bet that in some way the dams that flush water on the upper ends of those lakes will play a part in the fishing.

The current and surges of water position the smallmouth on the upper ends of these lakes, and they eat with almost total abandon. An angler only needs to get his bait in front of the nose of one of those fish, which is easy in the current.

We know that there were about 20 boats chasing those current fish in the first few days of this event, so we watched with interest as the first flight of 25 boats took off. Of those, only four boats made a hard left and went upstream toward the dam.

Not overly impressive odds, until you take another look and see three of the top four — Hite, Poche and Elias make that left. A short time later, they were followed by Aaron Martens.

Everyone else went right and ostensibly toward flipping water.

-- Steve Bowman


My mission first thing this morning was to check on the status of the lock. After the weigh-in, we heard rumors that a few of the anglers might risk the run. Likely, those guys closest to the 50-cut with less to lose would go to try and make some magic happen.

Unfortunately, those plans might have become more complicated. Right now, three barges are queued up to go through the lock that is operational. There is a video on the BASSCam page for a visual look at what the anglers might be facing if they make the 5-mile run down the canal leading to the lock.

-- Rob Russow


The boats are leaving the dock and this all-important third day of the Alabama Charge is underway.

In the average Elite event, going into the semi-final round you can normally get a good idea of what the final-round 12-man field will look like. Typically there is one or two guys really blowing out the field and realistically there are only about 20 anglers who have a shot at finishing in that 12-man final.

This event, though, thanks to the unbelievable productivity of Pickwick Lake, there's not a single angler in the field who doesn't feel like they should be here on Sunday.

Take a look at what Tim Horton, Dean Rojas and Michael Iaconelli did yesterday to get a good understanding of what is in the back of the minds of every angler in the field. Russ Lane is in 50th place, just 6-pounds out of the Top 12. That's just a single bite with a solid limit and a little bit of stumbling by a few anglers and he's fishing for the big prize.

These are the type events that every fan should love, where anything can happen and in some cases it will happen.

There's so much to watch it will be mind boggling.

The guys below the dam catching those big smallmouth like Horton, Keith Poche and Paul Elias seem to be getting stronger, while those guys with a long rod and short string flipping for largemouth are doing a lot of damage on down the lake. Who will center on largemouth? Who will target smallmouth? Who will get that big bite that will change the game?

Will the water continue to drop and put those big fish right in the wheel houses of every angler in this field? Will someone take the big gamble and head to Wilson, since today is the first day the lock will be open?

Few days in Elite competition set up like this one. To get it covered, we have 50 Marshals on the water with these pros, giving us up to the minute catches. Then there are three teams scattered about:

James Overstreet, Mark Zona and Tommy Sanders will be blogging, taking photos and sending in BASSCam videos at a rapid clip.

Same with Rob Russow stationed in the Bear Creek area and Seigo Saito and Craig Lamb filling in the gaps.

For the next 8 hours, we will do our best to keep you up to date and abreast of every catch.

Today's going to be monumental, don't miss a minute of it.

-- Steve Bowman