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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Updated: April 25, 1:14 PM ET
What's yours is Ours

You'll never be on the golf course with Tiger Woods. You'll never be on the court with LeBron. Hell, you'll never be in the same club as LeBron. But surfing's different. You never know what lineup the best surfers are going to pop up in, and should you be fortunate enough (or brave enough) to be there when they paddle out, you can split a peak with them.

Case in point, this Ours session. Heavy, unforgiving and dominated by hardened regulars like Koby Abberton, Mark Mathews and Richie Vasuclik, the infamous Sydney slab is for the blue-collar, good ol' boy set. In other words, you'd better know somebody and be invited if you want to get a wave out there. But a guy like Kelly Slater, he transcends local politics. Who doesn't have a soft spot for watching the best in the world do their thing? And if the conditions are tricky and trying, all the better.

Of course, these kinds of moments are hardly predictable, which is what makes them so glorious.

"We scored," said ESPN Surfing video contributor Graham Nash shortly after getting off the beach in Sydney, Aust. Originally on a road trip with the Vans team, he knew of the potential opportunity the minute it was presented to him. "Mark Mathews invited me to come along and film a session at Ours. It was heavy. The local crew charge that wave so hard, and then Slater showed up. What else do you want? You don't turn that down."

Nash asked if we'd be interested in a clip of the infamous Sydney slab (made famous by Koby Abberton and the film "Bra Boys"). Duh. We said yes. Then Nash promptly fell off the radar, only to surface a week later off the coast of Tasmania.

"After Ours a couple of the surfers asked me if I'd be interested in following them down to Tasmania's Shipsterns Bluff. I'd have been an idiot to turn that down, you don't pass on those kind of opportunities," says Nash.

And he's right, scheduling be damned. The ungodly beating heart of the Internet can wait when a serious session's about to go down. So Nash quit out of Final Cut Pro, unplugged the hard drive, packed up the camera, and boarded a flight to Tazzy.

As you can see, when the spray finally settled Nash did get that Ours edit over to us, and as I type this he's putting the finishing touches on a Shipsterns clip that we'll cue up for you next week ... unless another swell shows up.