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Thursday, April 14, 2011
First and ten questions

By First Take


1. Kobe Bryant's 3-pointer with 4.8 seconds left in regulation forced overtime in the Lakers 116-108 win over the Kings. With the win, the Lakers locked up the 2 seed out west and avoided Portland in the 1st round. Did Kobe save the Lakers' season last night?

2. Barry Bonds was found guilty on obstruction of justice, while there was a mistrial on the other three charges. Who was the winner, Bonds or the prosecution?

3. Before the season, Skip took the Celtics to come out of the East, while Chris took the Heat. Are the guys sticking with their preseason picks?


4. The Spurs finished with the best record in the Western Conference and open up against the Grizzlies in the first round. How far will the Spurs go?

5. The Bulls finished the season with the best record in the NBA, but are they a legitimate contender to win it all?


6. Derrick Rose is expected to be the runaway winner of the MVP this season. Skip wouldn't decide his winner until the regular season came to an end. Who is Skip's MVP pick?

7. Who are the top five players in the NBA right now?

8. Kobe was fined $100,000 by the NBA for using a derogatory slur during the Lakers game Tuesday night. Should he have been suspended?


9. You guys agree that the Lakers will come out of the West. Earlier in the show, Skip took the Celtics in the East, and Chris took the Heat. Who wins it all?

10. After the White Sox blew their sixth game in seven save opportunities, Ozzie Guillen had a few Ozzie-like things to say about his closer situation. Is Guillen good or bad for baseball?