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Friday, April 15, 2011
DeTemple talks new film

It's been about two years now since East Coaster, Mikey DeTemple released his film, Picaresque, and now he's on the verge of unveiling to the world his latest from High Seas Films called "Sight Sound."

"Isn't Mikey DeTemple that longboarder from Florida?" people might ask. Well, he does ride a longboard, along with many other craft. And he does reside in Florida, but he's actually a Babylon, New York, native. But for "Sight Sound" DeTemple has been all over the hemisphere, riding all sorts of boards. And he happens to be friends with some of the most talented people who also don't rely on the standard 6'1 thruster day in and day out.

Film maker, Mikey DeTemple, logging a few clips of his own. "Sight Sound" will premiere in June.

"I wanted to put something cool like this together. Different waves that show people surfing their best," says the 28 year old.

DeTemple happens to be friends with some of the best surfers in the world who ride different kinds of boards -- fishes, logs, planks of wood, hulls -- and they ride them very well. While Scotty Stopnick, Justin Quintal, Ryan Burch, Jarred Mel, Alek Parker, and Chris Del Moro may not be the names we list day-to-day on the tour rankings. But they're incredibly talented folks who choose to ride whatever they're in the mood for.

Matt Clark filming magical Canadian pointbreaks.

"The talent is a step up for this one," he explains, "After Picaresque, it was easier to get people involved. They realized it was going to be a cool project."

DeTemple traveled a bit for this one, hitting up Nicaragua, the Bahamas, Canada, Maine, New York, and Baja. And frankly, getting his friends into the right waves came kind of easy.

Everywhere DeTemple went for "Sight Sound," he seemed to score.

"Literally, everywhere that we went, everything completely aligned. There were not many moments where we were like, 'This trip is a wash.' The last trip to Canada was absolutely mind blowing."

Just two weeks ago, DeTemple, Qunital, and Parker motored up to the Canadian Maritimes and scored back-to-back swells on reeling pointbreaks.

DeTemple is now in the throes of post-production with the American Awesomeness Association. The folks at Tommy Hilfiger came on midway through the project to support it. DeTemple says they are looking forward to a June premiere on the rooftop of the Hilfiger headquarters in NYC.

Kassia Meador, quad crusing in the clear, blue Bahamas.