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Monday, May 9, 2011
Seb Toutant injured, off Brain Farm shoot

Brain Farm
Seb Toots is out with a hairline fracture on his ankle.

Things didn't go so well for Sebastien Toutant at the Brain Farm Aspen shoot on Saturday. The Winter X 15 gold medalist caught his edge landing a massive double backside rodeo and had to be pulled off of the kicker just as the Cineflex helicopter was cresting the rise to film the session. Multiple x-rays at the Aspen hospital later in the evening confirmed a hairline fracture in his right ankle -- the same ankle he blew out at the Air & Style last season. He is currently on a plane back to Montreal, Canada and will be out for the rest of the spring-session season.

Mark McMorris tweaked his shoulder on a bounced landing, but finished out the session with Eric Willett, Travis Rice and Danny Davis. And though we're not allowed to report on what tricks were pulled, one of them might rhyme with the word "ripple."

Whether or not Toutant will make a cameo in the movie remains to be seen. Film cameras were rolling on him before he got hurt, but only for what he claims were "warm up tricks." The fact that someone who considers a double back rodeo a warm up trick was taken out of this shoot early is a bummer of epic proportions. The Brain Farm crew will continue filming here in Aspen for the rest of the week, but Toutant's presence in the lineup will be missed.