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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Updated: May 24, 8:33 PM ET
Next Level Player of the Week

By ESPN Stats & Info

Jose Bautista RF

Sunday versus the Twins, Bautista pounded three home runs. Just like last season, when 38 of his 54 homers came off of fastballs, all three were fastballs. Nine of Bautista's major league-leading 16 home runs this season have come on fastballs; four have come on sliders; two on changeups; and one on a curveball.

Carlos Beltran RF

Beltran became the eighth Mets hitter to hit three home runs in a game. Two of his homers were off pitches that were "up and away." Of his eight home runs this season, half have come on pitches in that location. Since 2008, Beltran is hitting .325, slugging .695 and has belted 14 home runs on pitches "up and away."

Adrian Gonzalez 1B

In a four-game road stretch, Gonzalez hit five home runs, with all five pitches in the strike zone. Three were on the outer half, one was in the middle of the zone and one was inside. Of the five HR pitch locations, two were high, two were in the middle, and one was low.

Curtis Granderson CF

Granderson collected his 14th home run of the season against the Rays, his seventh of the year off a lefty. Since changing his swing last August, Granderson is hitting home runs about three times as often as he did in the first four-and-a-half months of his Yankees career. Before the swing change, only one in every 10 fly balls he hit went for a home run.