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Thursday, May 19, 2011
Updated: October 5, 3:35 PM ET
TGR's Almost Live #8: Iceland

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[Editor's note: Here on ESPN Freeskiing, we are hosting Teton Gravity Research's Almost Live series -- sneak peeks into footage taken for their fall 2011 release, "One for the Road." The author of the words below is one of TGR's newest athletes, Griffin Post. Click the tabs above if you've missed any of the last episodes.]

With around 320,000 residents, Iceland barely trumps Colorado's Boulder County in terms of population. Despite its name, the small, North Atlantic island nation isn't exactly known for skiing. Although there are a handful of ski resorts in the country, the TGR crew didn't show up for the piste. Rather, they showed up to take advantage of a country in which nearly every park, schoolyard, and public facility is caked with snow -- making it a no brainier for a jib-oriented trip. With help from the Iceland board of tourism, they not only had the snow, but the means and the permission to hit whatever they wanted.

"The board of tourism hooked us up with everything we needed, and the people there were all really nice," explains TGR athlete Nick Martini. "We got some time in the heli, hit some nice jumps, and hit some good urban too, it was a perfect mix of everything." Elaborating on just how much permission the crew was granted, TGR athlete Rory Bushfield says, "Our heli flew under a bridge."