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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Curtis Granderson can't say no

By Amanda Rykoff

In the Pro's Questionnaire, our favorite sports figures take our abridged version of the most famous personality test, the Proust Questionnaire. New York Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson is up next. The 2009 All-Star and Twitter fiend (@cgrand14) puts down his iPhone long enough to tell us why he loves Thanksgiving, hates complainers and wants to be the Fastest Man In the World.

Your main fault:
Curtis Granderson: The inability to say no. That would probably be the big one. It's actually my New Year's resolution for last year, and a little more this year -- just doing more things for myself.

Your idea of happiness:
CG: Being with my friends and family. My friends are an extension of my family. We've been around each other for a very long time, and we know a lot about each other.

Your idea of misery:
CG: That would be a tough one. Not too sure on that one. Let's come back.

If not yourself, who would you want to be?
CG: I would say Michael Jordan. Just watching him growing up and having that athletic ability. If not him, actually I saw a shirt yesterday that said "Fastest Man In the World." I think that title is probably the best title that you could have. Better than strongest man in the world or baddest man in the world, fastest man in the world is a pretty good title to have.

Your favorite food/drink:
CG: I'm not sure I have a favorite food, but I have a favorite meal, which is Thanksgiving. Because you get a little bit of everything, and you can always go back for seconds and thirds. My favorite drink would probably be red Kool-Aid. People say, "Well, what's red?" And that's the thing, it's not really a flavor, it's just red Kool-Aid.

Hero/heroine you admire most:
CG: Probably my dad. His ability with different people, male and female, different demographics. He's really able to adapt to all those different types of people, and they adapt to him.

What you hate most:
CG: People who complain. I just look at it as, "Hey, if you're complaining, do something about it. Don't complain about it." There's a lot of things that you don't like, but when you complain and complain, you can easily change some stuff by doing something different.

The natural talent you'd like to be gifted with:
CG: Probably computer programming. I like the idea of technology, and I know a little bit, but I don't know enough because I don't have time to do it. I watch people do stuff and know what they are doing, and I could pick up bits and pieces, but just by the amount of time [needed], I don't get to do it as much as I'd like to.

Your greatest fear:
CG: Failure.

Your greatest extravagance:
CG: For me, probably my phone [iPhone 4]. I'm on that thing all the time. It was amazing when I went to AT&T one day to see if I could switch my family plan and just lower it, because I didn't think I was using as many minutes. The lady looked up my last couple of bills and said, "No, that can't be right. Do you know you did over 20,000 text messages last month and the month before? Do you ever make phone calls?" I said, "I do, but I'm always texting." I can't seem to put the thing down.

Your present state of mind:
CG: Just chill and relaxed. Go with the flow. Not too serious. Not too worked up by any means.