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Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Dekline's Archer skate shoe ($58)

Dekline footwear is still relatively new to the skate shoe game but they're already getting things right. While most skate shoe companies seem to struggle through their formative years before hitting a groove with quality and design (remember the first DVS and IPath shoes?), Dekline came out of the gates with product that any skater could wear and feel confident in their kicks. Maybe it's the fact that Dekline comes out of the Tum Yeto distribution camp, the same folks that have brought you Toy Machine skateboards, Foundation skateboards and Pig wheels for years; they know what skate product should look and feel like.

The Archer skate shoe from Dekline is a simple, functional and stylish shoe: everything you need, nothing you don't.

Dekline's Archer model, a favorite among the team riders, is a simple, yet highly functional skate shoe. This season the shoe is available in a variety of colors and in both suede and canvas upper options.

Another version of the Archer from Dekline. This one features a rust-colored suede upper.

If we've learned anything in the last few decades of skateboard footwear, it's that less is more ... until it's less again. We've been through the era of the potato-meets-shoe design aesthetic (rest in peace Osiris D3s), and we can give a nod to Geoff Rowley for popularizing jumping down epic stuff in what are essentially vulcanized bedroom slippers. The vulcanized, thin shoe craze doesn't seem like it'll end any time soon. Your best bet is to find a thin shoe with some internal padding and enough solid material in the toe and ollie areas to last you a few months of shredding. That's where the Archer comes in.

The Archer is a vulcanized shoe with decent internal padding and insole technology. The toecap is a one-piece stitchless area perfect for flip tricks that won't burst stitching from wear and tear. Areas that are stitched are double stitched throughout for durability.

"I'm proud to have Dekline on my feet," says pro rider Matt Bennett. "The Archer is the coolest one, it's smooth but grippy."

You can buy the Archer and other shoes from Dekline at your local skate shop. If your local shop doesn't carry them yet, check out Dekline's online store here. You can also use Dekline's shop search function on their site to find a shop near you to purchase the shoes as well.