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Friday, June 10, 2011
Updated: June 29, 3:08 PM ET
Madera Protocol Cranks ($163.95)

Madera's Protocol cranks in the limited edition font graffiti wrap.

Established in 2005 by St. Petersburg, Fla. based BMX brand Profile Racing, Madera BMX is an offshoot of Profile that, in the words of Profile's Matt Coplon, "is aesthetically simpler." "The idea behind the brand was to make an aesthetically simpler components line -- same material, produced on the same machines as Profile, just produced quicker with a more streamlined look," he continues. Featuring a line of components that includes hubs, sprockets, cranks and stems, everything is made in the USA at Profile, only it's slightly more affordable than their sister brand. And these days, one of Madera's flagship products is the Protocol cranks.

The idea behind Madera was to make an aesthetically simpler components line, starting with cranks.

Madera's Protocol cranks are made in the USA at Profile, and feature tubular cr-mo arms (in 175 or 180mm), a gun-drilled hollow cr-mo 19mm spindle, bottom bracket options of Mid, Spanish, American or Euro, and colors that include black, font graffiti (pictured above), silver vein and snow. The complete crank set with spindle weighs 920 grams (34.4 oz.) The Madera Protocol cranks are drilled to work with both LHD and RHD crank setups, and are fully compatible with Profile's Ti spindle and bolt upgrade.

Profile Racing cranks are legendary in all disciplines of BMX, but let's face it: American-made cranks aren't always the cheapest option to go with it. But that's not the case with Madera's Protocol cranks. The Protocol cranks are an affordable, American-made crank set backed by the reputation of Profile and made using the same process as Profile's regular crank sets. According to Coplon, "There are normally ten steps in producing Profile cranks and that tenth step is what Madera cranks lack -- the Profile stamp. The only other differences are that Madera cranks have limited color options and the lifetime warranty provided on Profile cranks does not apply. Overall, we wanted to create an American Made alternative in price to the components lines made in Taiwan." Simply put, Madera rules for offering a more affordable American-made crank, backed by Profile and built for all types of BMX.

Madera Protocol cranks are available direct from the Profile e-store, with the bottom bracket of your choice and tools for installation, from Albe's starting at $124.95 (bottom bracket is extra), and from Dan's Comp in a variety of limited edition color options starting at $124.99.