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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Bruins: (Still) in it to win it

By Stacy Title

NHL: Even with the glorious Stanley Cup polished and waiting backstage, the Canucks choked on the chance to clinch in last night's Game 6 in Boston, losing 5-2. In fact, the Bruins, who haven't mustered one second of offense in Vancouver so far, set a Stanley Cup record for the fastest four goals in a game -- scoring their first four in the first period in a 4:14 span! The Canucks came alive (sort of) at the beginning of the third, but too little, too late. They need to pray the all-home-game-winners streak in this series continues.

College baseball: The College World Series matchups are locked: Vanderbilt vs. North Carolina, Texas vs. Florida, Cal vs. Virginia and South Carolina vs. Texas A&M. Action starts this weekend, and who doesn't have their eye on the sweetheart Cal team? Red-lined for budgetary reasons at the beginning of the season, it's risen from the dead to find itself in the quarterfinals! Go Bears.

MLB: A thread of injury has woven its way through the pinstripes as the Yankees lost both a game to the Indians 1-0 on Monday and Derek Jeter to a Grade I calf injury just seconds after he slugged career hit number 2,994 at the top of the fifth inning. This has become one peculiar countdown to his hallowed 3,000th.

NBA: Mark Cuban perked up Monday -- as we knew he would. He's promised to pay for the Mavericks' Dallas celebration parade but maybe not the team's rings, claiming they were "old school." (And, by the way: The NBA doesn't pay for the rings?! Who knew?) It's not like Cuban to be ungenerous, so it makes you wonder what new level of kookiness he has in mind. NBA championship boats? IPOs? Crowns? I bet his players just want the damn rings.