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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
T Hall is huge in Jamaica

Tanner Hall appeared yesterday on the Television Jamaica morning news show, "Smile Jamaica."

"Freeskiing?" the interviewer says. "We were trying to establish exactly what that is. It has to do with powder, does it not?" Hall responds: "Freeskiing is basically what snowboarders have been doing the last 20 years, with being in halfpipe and slopestyle and big airs and sliding down rails in the cities."

Why Jamaica? T's long-time obsession with reggae music and his collaborations with reggae artists such as Cali P have garnered him a following at an unlikely latitude for an athlete of his powdery persuasion.

Eric Iberg, the long-time friend and recent documentarian of Hall (see: "Like a Lion"), says he's seen crowds form around the skier in Kingston. When Hall steps out of his car there, kids who have never touched a snowflake, let alone a pair of skis, rush in for a closer view.

"These kids are yelling, 'Oh, it's the white ski man on YouTube! BUMBACLOT!' at 10 in the morning in the middle of the biggest ghetto I've ever been in in the world," Iberg says. "I'm like, 'How do you know who Tanner Hall is?'"

We all know somebody who's big in Japan. Tanner Hall is big in Jamaica.