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Thursday, July 7, 2011
Updated: July 22, 5:51 PM ET
Behind Brain Farm: Scotty Lago

scotty lago brain farm

When you're hanging out with Scotty Lago, you find that you spend a good portion of your time laughing. It's easy to get lulled into this idea that the guy is just a mellow roll-with-the-punches, whatever-happens-is-cool kind of dude. But don't be fooled. Lago has the Eye of the Tiger. You don't win an Olympic medal, get invited to film for one of the biggest snowboard movies of all time, break your jaw on a shoot for said movie and then show up and win a Winter X event with your mouth wired shut unless you've got a fire in you that burns a little hotter than it does in the average man.

In part three of our Behind Brain Farm series, Lago explains how he got spanked trying a switch double rodeo ten on a jump that will forever be called "Jawbreaker." There's also a little shot in here around minute 3:15 for the ladies. You're welcome. Enjoy.