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Saturday, July 9, 2011
Updated: July 11, 12:09 PM ET
The Multi-Discipline X17 BMX Pro Club

Dennis Enarson doubled up on Silver Medals at X Games 16, and will compete in Street and Park at X17 later this month.

When the X Games started 17 years ago, a seasoned vert and park pro, Jay Miron, won dirt. Miron went on to place third in vert the same year, and the following year, placed fourth in dirt and second in park.

Of course, things were different then, and pros such as Miron, in addition to Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Dennis McCoy and Dave Osato, all rode multiple disciplines in contests such as the X Games, pulling double (and sometimes triple) duty in park, vert and dirt.

These days, it's an honor to be invited to just one event at the X Games, but there are the rare few whose abilities to ride everything allow them to compete in multiple events. And this year at X Games 17, following in the footsteps of Miron, Mirra, DMC and Hoffman, we have Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kagy, Steve McCann, Zack Warden, Vince Byron and Jeremiah Smith pulling double duty. What follows is a small summary of those riders and the disciplines they plan to tackle.

Garrett Reynolds: At this point, Reynolds is a seasoned multi-discipline rider at X Games. Competing in both Street and Park, Reynolds possesses the rare ability to casually win X Games Street, then throw on a helmet and aptly compete in the park class. He's favored for the win in Street, and will most likely place top ten in Park.

In between all of the joking around, Dennis Enarson and Garrett Reynolds find the time to dominate both the X Games BMX Street and Park classes.

Dennis Enarson: Teammates and riding partners with Reynolds, Enarson's abilities are equally split between Street and Park. Last year, he took home dual Silver Medals in both Street and Park, and with invites in both disciplines again, he is sure to walk home with two more X Games medals at X17 (possibly even two Gold Medals.)

Chad Kagy: As seasoned as one can get in X Games competition, Kagy is on the invite list for both Big Air and Vert. Originally a Park rider, Kagy has since set his sights on bigger ramps. Last year, he placed fourth in Vert and took home Gold in Big Air, and we're guessing he takes Big Air Gold again, along with a Vert podium spot.

Australian Steve McCann will return to both the Vert and MegaRamp for X Games 17.

Zack Warden: Zack is a relative newcomer to multi-discipline X Games competition. He has the ability to ride everything, but this year is his first juggling invites in both Big Air and Vert. Following a MiniMega win at X Games Asia, and a healthy list of Dew Tour vert placings, Zack is sure to bring the heat, and maybe even a backflip bikeflip on the MegaRamp.

Steve McCann: Right alongside Kagy is Aussie Steve McCann, who doubled up on Silver Medals last year in Big Air and Vert. McCann's ability to boost on vert (he's a card-carrying member of the 10-foot plus variation club), along with his deep bag of variations on the MegaRamp, put him in very favorable positions to double up once more at X17.

Vince Byron: Aussie Vince Byron made his X Games debut last year in vert, and despite an injury, earned sixth place. This year, he's gained more competition experience, along with MegaRamp experience, and he's in prime territory to place top five in vert and possibly podium in Big Air.

Jeremiah Smith: For the past two years, Smith has ridden BMX Park and placed top ten. Then, at X Games Asia, Jeremiah showcased another side of his riding: his ability to win competitive street contests. Now, he's on the invite list for both Park and Street, and much like Reynolds and Enarson, looking to podium in both, if he can avoid the throngs of fans that mistake him for Shaun White.

X Games 17 lands in Los Angeles, Calif. on July 28-31. Look for the esteemed group of riders above to be competing in multiple disciplines throughout the weekend, provided they get enough rest and don't overdo it at an X Games party.