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Monday, July 11, 2011
Amateur Hour: Clint Walker

Clint Walker came out of nowhere ... literally. Have you ever heard of a sponsored skater or an athlete of any kind who hails from Altus, Oklahoma? Lucky for Clint, his drive and determination on a skateboard were to big for small town life. He's headed everywhere and making his mark as one of the new powerhouse riders on Tony Hawk's Birdhouse skateboards. While he's on the road making a name for himself though, he might just have to cruise through his hometown someday soon ... just to do a victory lap.

Clint Walker takes a nosegrind for a ride over a precarious gap.

So you grew up on the Oklahoma and Texas border. Do you consider yourself a Texan or an Oklahomie?
Oh, Oklahomie for sure! No doubt. I live 10 minutes from the Texas border but Oklahomie for life.

Are you the most famous person from Altus, Oklahoma?
Damn, that's not saying much. I don't think anyone has ever done anything from Altus.

I've seen a picture of you on the side of an 18-wheeler. That's got to rival anyone's fame-status who's from Altus.
I'm actually riding in that van [the Hometown Hero's contest tour van] right now. I'm sure I look stupid.

Are you guys driving through Altus, just doing laps to show off your bus?
Nah, we'll be in Olakahoma before too long, though and we may take a few laps.

What do you skate in Altus?
I skate the Altus park. My homie Big B built it and everyone should skate it; he would love to have anyone come through. It's Big B's park and he's the man in Altus. I got a park in my barn, too. We skate there if we're not at Big B's.

How did you get hooked up coming from the middle of nowhere?
Actually, I started riding for a shop in the third biggest city in Oklahoma called, Notorious Skateshop. But the owner moved to California. I would just send him footage when he moved to California and he sent my footage to you and you hooked me up first with some boards and some Dekline shoes.

Clint Walker with a thousand yard stare and his weapon of choice.

How has life changed since joining the Birdhouse team?
I get to travel the world for free instead of paying for it. It's nice! I like rolling in the Bird's nest.

Have you ever made your teammate David Loy angry?
When have I not made David Loy angry?

Didn't you live in his driveway at one point?
I did. I lived in his driveway and his garage in my box truck. It was me and my buddy, Dirty. We both met David at a skatepark. He was sick when we met himso I stayed at his place. After two weeks though, we were over his garage and we moved on.

What's the most embarrassing thing on your Instagram?
I fell asleep with Tech Decks on me. That sucked.

Did someone try to set you up for a Tech Deck ad?
Oh man, I hope not.

How many years have you gone on the Hometown Hero's tour?
This is my second year.

Who are some rad Hometown Hero's that you've met on the road?
In Tulsa, DJ Fort is the man. Dirty is the man. Cole Wilson is the man. Steve Purdue is the man, too. Trevor Vaughn says he's the man but he's not.

You were recently in a commercial with Matt Bennett for RED Cameras right?
Yeah I was. It was so sick.

How did that come about?
Matt Bennett's brother works for RED cameras and he had hook ups. Ryan Sheckler was going to do the commercial but bailed out and Bennett fit the bill so he got the part. Brian Hanson did some test shoots and Hanson got me in there last minute. It was so fun. I was shooting machine guns and stuff in the commercial. Stoked.

Did you make enough money to buy a house in Altus, Oklahoma?
I probably could buy a house in Altus, anyone could. I think they're going for about $8 out there.

Who are all of your sponsors?
Birdhouse, Ambig, Dekline, Pig, Independent, Active and Bangarang Pillowcase Army. I need a sweet tea sponsor!

Bojangles would be tight, huh?
Dude I don't know. I like Gold Peak but it's expensive so I go with the old Arizona Sweet Iced Tea.

What's your beef with Leo Romero?
Dude, there is no beef with me and Leo ... It's actually pretty big though.