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Thursday, July 14, 2011
Show in review

Roger Clemens and Rusty Hardin
Roger Clemens is off the hook thanks to a mistrial, for now.

With Brian Kenny

Spanning the Globe covers The Open Championship, James Harrison and New York Baseball. Listen

ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack breaks down the Roger Clemens mistrial. Cossack explains why the trial was ended and explains what happens next. Listen

Yahoo! Sports MLB writer Jeff Passan comments on the breaking news surrounding Roger Clemens' mistrial. Listen

ESPN NFL Insider Sal Paolantonio dishes on the latest in the NFL labor negotiations. Paolantonio says the pre-season is in trouble if there's no hand-shake deal by next Tuesday. Listen

ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen talks about the NFL lockout. Plus, Mortensen talks about James Harrison's recent comments. Listen

ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney talk about the All-Star Game after record low ratings. Olney says MLB needs to have the stars play the whole game like they the past to keep interest. Listen