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Friday, July 15, 2011
Updated: July 16, 12:26 PM ET
Ben Hucke's Sputnic Space Cobra

Ben Hucke in Florida, with back brakes. Launch Gallery »

On a recent trip to visit the Sparky's Distro headquarters in Orlando, Fla., Ben Hucke took some time away from meeting with his sponsors (Sputnic and The Shadow Conspiracy) to throw some rear brakes on his signature Sputnic Space Cobra and go ride the trails with Sputnic flow team rider Mike Cottle. When not at the trails, Cottle contributes to Case BMX Magazine, and because he's handy with a camera, he sent over some shots of Ben's latest Sputnic, set up with a complete line of Shadow parts. Click on the gallery for a back-brake'd version of Ben Hucke's signature setup. What parts do you go through the fastest?
Hucke: It used to be grips until I got my own Shadow grip. Now everything lasts a while.

Shadow makes tons of different parts to chose from. What do you look for when building a new ride up?
Usually color way; I like doing a crazy color ways here and there.

You have a signature frame with Sputnic. Are there any other signature parts in the works with your other sponsors?
I have a Sputnic frame, Shadow seat and grips, and I'm getting my own shoe from Almond Footwear.

Lately you have been getting tons of coverage riding street. But when I first met you it seemed like you rode tons of ramps and when you were just here in florida you rode the trails with us. What does a normal day of riding consist of and what do you ride the most?
I'm usually just out cruising the local cement park when we get a break from the weather. When it's nice or I'm traveling I like to ride street mostly and explore new places. I ride trails on occasion when I end up there.

How old is your son now? After having him did it change the way you look at things?
Levi will be two on March 27, I can't believe it at all. Since I the day I found out I was going to be a dad, I started enjoying life a lot more and have been a lot more motivated to live life to the fullest.

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