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Sunday, July 17, 2011
Updated: July 26, 6:23 PM ET
Zoltan Torkos darkslide to shuvit video

You may remember that back in March, Zoltan Torkos ignited a conversation in the surf world of whether or not skate moves on water were going to change the way we surf. No doubt that snow and skate, both derived from surfing, have boomeranged around to influence aerial surfing.

Late last winter, Torkos landed a kickflip on a fun little Santa Cruz line. Although it wasn't above the lip, Volcom awarded him $10,000 as part of the "Great Kickflipoff."

Since that time, we haven't seen kickflips, heelflips, hardflips, 360 flips, or any other such variations attempted in surf competitions or many video parts.

29-year-old Zoltan Torkos, a.k.a. "The Magician," has been undeterred, going for kickflips above the lip. He's also been working on translating other wheel and wood inspired moves. He recently landed a darkslide, a difficult maneuver in the skatepark -- and unheard of in the line-up and then finished it off with a shuvit.

Will we see Jordy Smith trying these this week on flawless J-Bay rights? Probably not. It may not change surfing instantly. But still very sick to watch.