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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Updated: July 29, 7:50 PM ET
Women's Skateboard Street Final Results

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Rank Name Best
Marisa Dal Santo | Watch Video | Interview Video 88.00
Alexis Sablone | Watch Video 84.33
Leticia Bufoni | Watch Video 78.00
4 Elissa Steamer 64.66
5 Jessica Florencio 63.00

Round 1 Group 1A
1Marisa Dal Santo83.33
2Leticia Bufoni80.00
3Rachel Reinhard74.33
4Eliana Sosco63.33
5Vanessa Torres53.33

Round 1 Group 1B
1Alexis Sablone83.66
2Jessica Florencio79.33
3Elissa Steamer75.33
4Candy Jacobs75.33
5Amy Caron62.66