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Thursday, August 4, 2011
Updated: October 10, 2:15 PM ET
2011 ski movies to watch

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It's that time of year again. The temperatures are starting to drop, new ski gear will hit the shelves at your local shop and you'll get antsy for winter. To help you pass the time and get you even hungrier for the first snowfall, various ski movie production crews will roll through your town, showcasing their latest drool-worthy shred flick on the big screen.

To make it easier for you, we've collected the biggest ski films coming soon to a theater near you and compiled them here in a tidy list. Here's what to watch and why you should watch, with links to the films' trailers. Check back to this page, as we'll be updating it as soon as new trailers drop. And don't miss the snowboard films either.

Teton Gravity Research: "One For the Road"
The film features athletes like Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, Chris Benchetler, Byron Wells, Seth Morrison, Andreas Hatveit, Tom Wallisch and more and it was shot everywhere from Iceland to Japan. Trailer Video | Almost Live Video | Premiere »

Matchstick Productions: "Attack of La Niņa"
The film stars Bobby Brown, Cody Townsend, Mark Abma, Sean Pettit and more and was shot all around the world. "We decided on 'Attack of La Niņa' because the phenomenon hit hard this year," said MSP's Steve Winter. Trailer Video | Scott Gaffney » |Premiere »

Level 1: "After Dark"
Starring Parker White, Ahmet Dadali, Wiley Miller, Mike Hornbeck, Tanner Rainville and more, "After Dark" was shot everywhere from Moscow, Russia, to Telluride, Colo. Trailer Video | Gallery Photo Gallery |Premiere »

Poor Boyz Productions: "The Grand Bizarre"
In addition to Bobby Brown's triple cork 1440 and Simon Dumont's cube pipe footage, other athletes featured in the film include Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, LJ Strenio, Nick Martini, Bene Mayr, Tim Durtschi and more. Trailer Video | The making of Video | Premiere » | Johnny DeCesare »

Meathead Films: "Prime Cut"
The 10th annual movie from Meathead Films, "Prime Cut" was shot entirely in the eastern U.S. and Canada and during one trip to Japan. Featured athletes include LJ Strenio, Andy Parry, Will Wesson, Charles Gagnier and more. Teaser Video | Gallery Photo Gallery |Premiere »

4BI9 Media: "Begging for Change"
4BI9's latest film, produced by AJ Dakoulas and Andrew Napier, stars Tom Wallisch, Dale Talkington, Tim McChesney and others and was shot around the midwest and Eastern U.S. (including Minnesota, New Hampshire and Vermont) as well as in France, BC and Utah. Trailer Video

Seth Morrison: "The Ordinary Skier"
In association with Oakley and directed and produced by Constantine Papanicolaou, this film stars Seth Morrison on the road from Crested Butte to Chamonix. Trailer Video | Gallery Photo Gallery |Premiere »

Winter of Wells: The Documentary
This new documentary, produced by Tim Pierce, offers a behind-the-scenes look at New Zealand's freeskiing family: brothers Jossi, Byron, Beau and Jackson and parents Bruce and Stacey. Trailer Video

Stept Productions: "Weight"
This urban-centric film by Nick Martini and Cam Riley features athletes Shea Flynn, Clayton Villa, Alex Martini and others and was filmed on location in Boston, Chicago, Omaha, Breckenridge, Jackson Hole and Mammoth. Trailer Video | Premiere »

Sammy Carlson: "On Top of the Hood"
This feature-length web video, which will drop online this fall, features Sammy Carlson, John Spriggs, Dane Tudor, Tommy Ellingson and Andy Mahre and was shot entirely at Mt. Hood this summer. Interview Video

Voleurz: "That's Fine"
Featured athletes include KC Deane, Max Hill, Braden Dean, Simon D'Artois, Mack Jones, Rob Heule, Tyler Holm, Riley Leboe and more. The film will be released for free online on Nov. 21 and in September and October it will go on a global tour. Trailer Video | Premiere »

Field Productions: "Being There"
The film features athletes Tom Wallisch, PK Hunder, Henrik Windstedt, Russ Henshaw, Kevin Rolland, Jon Olsson and others, and it was shot in Norway, Sweden and Japan. Trailer Video

Sweetgrass Productions: "Solitaire"
An art-centric film from the crew that brought you "Signatures," this one features scenes filmed from two years of winter travel in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Trailer Video | On the Road with Solitaire Video | Premiere »

The Sherpas: "All.I.Can"
An environmentally-focused ski film shot over the past two years in places like British Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Morocco and Alaska. Trailer Video | Premiere Video

Inspired Media: "Retallack: The Movie"
Now available for digital download, this film, starring Tanner Hall, was shot at the backcountry cat-skiing lodge Retallack, in British Columbia.Trailer Video |Gallery Photo Gallery

Toy Soldier Productions: "Set Your Sights"
The second film from Montana-based upstart Toy Soldier Productions was filmed all around Montana and in other western U.S. states, including California and Utah. Trailer Video

Vital Films: "If You Want to Fly"
Shot entirely in Aspen, Colo., this film -- by a company known more for its music videos -- features local skiers like Matt Walker, Torin Yater-Wallace and Nick Devore. Trailer Video

Powderwhore Productions: "Breaking Trail"
Previously a telemark-only ski film company, this year Powderwhore has opened the door to alpine skiers and snowboarders. Trailer Video

Warren Miller Entertainment: "Like There's no Tomorrow"
Warren Miller Entertainment's 62nd film, "Like There's No Tomorrow" was shot on location in Alaska, Chile, India, New Zealand, and elsewhere. The film features Chris Davenport, Daron Rahlves, Colby West, Andy Mahre, Seth Wescott, Julia Mancuso and more. Trailer Video