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Monday, August 8, 2011
Gettin' Classic with Vans

Summer is always a solid time to release a surf video. And if there's something you want in releasing your surf squad's talent to the world, its timing.

Vans has long been the sponsor of the Hawaiian Triple Crown of Surfing. They've also been working at building a very solid surf team. After all, despite being known primarily as a skate company, there are a lot of Vans on the feet of surfers (occasionally even those who are paid to wear someone else's shoes.) Vans has stepped up to sponsor the 4-star East Coast Surfing Championships presented by Coastal Edge. And now, they've got an A-lister surf film to go along with that.

The film is called Get-N Classic Volume 1 and features Nathan Fletcher, all three Gudauskas brothers, the Florence brothers, Dylan Graves, Andrew Doheny, and Jason 'Ratboy' Collins. It also features multi-craft stylist, Joel Tudor, who has been holding it down for the Vans team for years. Vans keeps cred with both the alterna-surf set and now has international comp talent to boot. But no Shea Lopez, love?

The timing wasn't completely perfect however, as Vans just signed Dane Reynolds, pretty much every 16-year-old's favorite surfer to watch (who are we kidding, everyone's favorite surfer to watch.)

Vans VP of Marketing, Doug Pallidini, told me a few months ago that there aren't many surfers who move the dial on sales like Reynolds and that's true of video eyeballs as well. Unfortunately to get the film out this summer, they didn't have the time to document Reynolds' mojo.

The film was shot and edited by Reagan Ritchie and Graham Nash, who produces some fine work for ESPN Surfing. You can download the entire film free at