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Thursday, August 18, 2011
Thursday Vidiot

Mike Carroll holds on to a perfect backside lipslide during a recent trip to NYC.

We kick things off this week with a tight edit from DQM from the demo the Lakai squad (and a few friends) did in NYC at 12th and A a few weeks back. Mike Carroll, Raven Tershey, Vincent Alvarez, Alex Olson, Austyn Gilette and more take things to a new level at the training grounds here.

The McClung brothers are a talented trio of up and comers. This week Trent McClung dropped a grip of sick footage for Bones Wheels here.

Inspired by Kung Fu flicks, Theotis Beasley, Paul Rodriguez and Keelan Dadd hit the street for a Mountain Dew commercial here.

Not a lot of trickery or board flippery in this clip. But that doesn't really matter since Julien Stranger skating hills is straight classic.

Mike Manzoori created a beautiful edit of diptych-filmed skating in Los Angeles featuring Kyle Leeper, Cairo Foster, Jose Rojo and more for Etnies. Check out the result, "Aimless" here.

The Fiveboro team cruising the streets in style to the sounds of Miles Davis? Doesn't get much cooler. Check out Willy Akers, Danny Falla, Dan Pensyl, Jimmy MacDonald, Joe Tookmanian and some of the flow riders in this clip here.

Speaking of classic, Ray Barbee knows how to do it. Take a quick peak into the life of Barbee in this edit from Independent, here.

A never been seen PJ Ladd line from his Beantown heyday? Yup, you're gonna want to watch that.

We finish things off this week with an East Coast underground favorite. Florida's Pat Stiener give a peek into the type of skating he's been up to lately with this video from Traffic skateboards.