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Monday, August 22, 2011
Diego Bucchieri interview

Diego Bucchieri came from Argentina to the United States well over a decade ago. "The Butcher," as he was then nicknamed, went about meticulously annihilating skate spots and crushing other pros' dreams by putting down some of the heaviest tricks seen at the time. Fast forward to 2011 and Bucchieri is as gnarly as ever. We caught up with the man to see what he's been cutting up lately.

Diego Bucchieri utilizes his uncanny pop for a hefty bump-to-bar ollie.

What's happening Diego? What's going on with your visa, man?
Well, to start it off my last lawyer, Allison who got me all my past visas, took my money and ripped me off, making my life miserable for the past two years. Now, after hiring a new lawyer, my P1 visa finally got approved and now I just have to go to the Embassy to get it stamped in my passport. Once I get that done, I should be good to go.

Sounds like a nightmare.
Yeah, sometimes these things take a long time and I get really frustrated, but that is what I get for living at the bottom of the world [Argentina].

Didn't you set up your own distribution in the bottom of the world?
Yeah, I have been doing it for almost two years and it has been going great. It is another side of skateboarding that I didn't really know, but I really like it, and I think it's something good for my future. Skateboarding has been growing like crazy here in Argentina. They just built four new concrete parks in the city and every time I go skating I see kids riding Toy Machine boards and wearing the clothes, so that's really cool and it makes me really happy when I see kids supporting the brands I love. Skateboarding is finally getting big down here.

Do you think you will you ever move back to Long Beach?
I love Long Beach, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. I wish I could live three months in each city, but it's hard, and expensive, so I think I'm gonna have to keep traveling between Argentina and Long Beach to be able to continue with my pro career and my new business.

Diego's been pretty upset ever since Oasis broke up.

What are the top three things you miss most about Long Beach?
Mainly skating with the Toy team, the weather and Sushi Studio.

What do you miss the most when you leave Argentina?
Skating with friends for sure, my house and Cafe San Juan.

Would you ever jump down Wallenberg again [Bucchieri famously backside 180'd the massive schoolyard gap]?
Of course. I love gaps that are longer than higher. When I lived in San Francisco, I use to go there all the time and just ollie it for fun.

What would you want to try next time you go back for fun
I would just ollie it without any ramps, for the good old days.

What projects are going on over at Toy Machine?
Well, Collin [Provost] just turned pro. Congrats Collin! Ed [Templeton] is designing a new clothing line for Toy that looks amazing. I'm sure Kevin Barnett [Toy Machine's filmer] is collecting enough footage to start editing another video. As for me, I'm just trying to film and shoot photos as much as possible in Argentina. There is always something new going on with Toy Machine that's for sure.

Is your colorway for Dekline footwear out yet?
Yeah, I think it just came out. I'm really stoked on the way that they came out. It's on the Belmont model and that's what I skate in the most.

What is your current sponsor line up?
I ride for Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company, Dekline shoes, Independent trucks and clothes, Ricta wheels and Cristobal Colon Shop.

How involved are you with your sponsors?
Well, ever since I started riding for Toy Machine 10 years ago I have been involved with my board graphics and now that Ed is in charge of all the series, I've been doing all the ads for Toy Machine in Argentina and designing the clothes as well. It's always fun to be part of something that you really like and that's how I feel with Tum Yeto distribution in general. Having the opportunity to do all this is awesome!

Diego Bucchieri snaps and catches a massive backside kickflip.

Give me your most epic Toy Machine tour story.
Every Toy Machine trip that I have been on has had great stories. We had some guy trying to sell us his Grandma. Billy Marks made the toilet explode. We once drove12 hours straight to a demo and then drove for eight hours to another one. Ed got chased by an old man with a knife after Ed shot a photo of him. Josh Harmony got stepped on by a Russian cop after landing a gnarly trick. That's is just the way we do it so there is always going to be a epic story not just one.

How many tries did it take you to ollie that 20 set in the "Good and Evil" video?
It took me about five tries. The very first one was the scariest. After four tries of landing on my board and bending the crap out of my Indys, I rolled away. On a side note, for those who want to know the guy yelling, "Diegoooo!" in the background, that's Peter Hewitt, who also filmed that clip. Good times!