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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Updated: September 21, 3:03 PM ET
Dickinson to self-publish pool riding book

In June of 2002, Portland, Ore. area BMXer and videographer Dean Dickinson rode his first ever backyard swimming pool, thus beginning a love affair with concrete pool riding that has endured for almost a decade. In the years that followed his first pool mission, Dickinson set out on a modest quest to ride 100 pools ranging from Washington state to Austin, Texas.

Along the way, his quest spurred the release of a pool riding documentary, "Take It Or Leave It," along with countless tales of law-bending, bizarre journeys and of course, plenty of tight-trannied carves.

Following the completion of Dean's hundredth pool, at the Team Shralp Pink Motel Pool Party in May of 2009, Dickinson decided to pull everything together into a published book, featuring photos of each pool he had ridden, along with the stories that accompanied each mission. Employing the help of Portland-based designer Jared Souney, along with Portland BMX writers Mark Lewman and Mike Daily, Dickinson's book, titled You Won't, is now nearing completion. Last week, Dean posted a trailer on Vimeo, and we decided to get the inside scoop on the book. Here's Dean.

Dean Dickinson, creator of the new BMX book You Won't, holding what appears to be a large invisible chili dog at the Pink Motel Pool. When is the book coming out?
Dickinson: Hopefully by Christmas. Jared Souney is neck deep in the design phase of the project and he's killing it. Projects like this take a lot of time. I have so much more respect for anyone who works with print and has to dish out exclusive content day-in and day-out.

Are you self-publishing? How are you financing it?
In the beginning we wanted to find a partner to help us finance the project. But after an extensive amount of research we realized that the book was gonna cost way too much. I really didn't want to compromise the size or the page count so that's when we started to seek other options. Print on demand today is better than ever. You can self publish any project with the smallest budget and still maintain a quality product. You Won't will be available through which is a great print-on-demand resource. As of now the entire project has came out of my own pocket. I can't thank Jared Souney, Mark Lewman, Mike Daily, Taj Mihelich, and all of the contributing photographers enough for working with my little to no budget. You guys rule!

Jared Souney, left, discusses the design of You Won't with contributing editor Mark Lewman, right.

What plans do you have surrounding the releases?
We plan on having a book release party with lots of shredding, music, food, and drinks. The party will be open to the public. Following the release party will be a You Won't tour with the guys from the book. The date/location of the release party and tour is in the works. Check out our Facebook page for any updates on the project.

Anything else I'm missing about the project?
50% of the sales from the book will go directly towards the Schiefelbein family. My brother-in-law James Louis Schiefelbein was tragically killed in a logging accident last June leaving my sister, nephew, and newly-born niece without a father. James was a HUGE supporter of mine and this is the least I can do. James had a real D.I.Y. attitude and I deeply value everything I learned from him. Every book that is sold will be making a difference. Get rhythm when you get the blues! You Won't is dedicated to James Louis Schiefelbein R.I.P.

The cover of You Won't, along with a whole lotta white space due to photo size restrictions.

Also, special thanks goes out to:
TEAM SHRALP, Mark Lewman, Jared Souney, Mike Daily, Taj Mihelich, Justin Kosman, Josh "Peacock" Henderson, my family, The Rasmusson Family, Pool City, The Gutter Crew, The Bone Deth Crew, the old Searching Crew, Mike Hoder for taking me to my first pool, Sean "Fish" Hoskins for inspiring me to ride pools, Ben Ward, Travis Gardner, Jeff Allen, Juaquin Ross Silva, Nuno Oliveira, Props, the entire RIDE BMX staff, Lotek, Nicolas Ferreira, The Bicycle Film Festival, Cody York, Brian Tunney, Rob Dolecki, Larry Alvarado, Adam Zapata, Issac Dahms, all of the contributing photographers, and anyone else who has helped with this project in any way thank you!