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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Updated: November 22, 9:21 AM ET
Julie Foudy -- Lots to love on Day 1 of the Summit

By Julie Foudy

Adjust. That is what we learn to do as athletes. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but dancing in the rain. Ahhh, I love that quote.

Except, except when it starts raining on our beautiful, sunset dinner on the outdoor lawn here in Tucson. Seriously, we are in a desert!

Well, we adjusted beautifully by dancing on inside for dinner. Sage Steele and Laura Gentile opened the summit with the perfect combo of grace and humor (twice), followed by a panel of four amazing women: Michelle Kwan, Lisa Leslie, Jessica Mendoza and Summer Sanders.

What a treat to sit back, sip wine and take it all in. I love hearing smart, successful, athletic women talk about life, sports, balance and things that matter. I love hearing others share their insights on being a mom, friend, teammate and athlete.

I loved hearing:

• that sleep deprivation is universal (and if you are not tired, add 500 things to your plate, slacker).
• about teams with "one heartbeat".
• about the importance of helping others... and celebrating others.
• about athletes composed in the face of failure.
• about facing challenges with grace and integrity.
• about moms who tell you, "If you are going to do it, do it right."
• about falling and then getting up.
• about raising kids and also focusing on competing.
• Lisa Leslie talk about being tall. (Note: She loves it when you tell her she is tall.)
• Jessica Mendoza talk about never wanting to grow up as a 30-year-old softball player (please don't ever grow up, Jess).
• Summer Sanders talk about doing a marathon simply because her friend needed her help.
• Michelle Kwan talk about perseverance and perspective.

I loved hearing about all the positives sports offer regardless of age, size, sport or number of medals.

What a wonderful reminder of why...

Why we love to play, share, jump, dream, float and dance in the rain.