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Monday, October 10, 2011
Updated: February 21, 4:13 PM ET
Salomon Freeski TV: La Niņa

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Mike Douglas will be the first to tell you that one of the primary goals of Salomon Freeski TV is to highlight interesting stories from around the world. To a skier in the Western half of North America, the most interesting story in the world last season was the weather.

Kicking off the fifth season of Salomon Freeski TV, this first episode, which dropped today, dives into the abominably deep snow year induced by a unique La Niņa weather pattern. The episode captures the commotion that happens when you combine chin-deep powder with skiers like Mark Abma, Mike Douglas, Chris Rubens, Dane Tudor and yours truly.

To round out your viewing experience with some meteorological knowledge, I asked amateur meteorologist Bryan Allegretto what exactly made last year's La Niņa so unique? "Essentially two things," Allegretto said. "A unique blocking pattern that shifted the polar jet stream away from Alaska to a more southerly route and a distinct negative Arctic oscillation that pushed cold air further south than normal. Those two things allowed for last year's La Niņa to be so snowy across Western North America."

So there you go, your video should be loaded, you are now maybe a tad smarter and you'll soon be wishing for winter and another La Niņa.