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Friday, October 14, 2011
Updated: October 16, 6:51 PM ET
Cranmer, Enarson, Bestwick on top

By Brian Tunney

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BMX Vert

BMX vert legend and X17 Gold Medalist Jamie Bestwick won his seventh career Dew Cup earlier today, but not without a fight from Australians Steve McCann and Vince Byron. In the Vert Superfinals, Bestwick placed third behind McCann in second, and Byron in first, but today's final standings were not enough to move Bestwick out of the top spot in year-end rankings.

40-year-old Bestwick, under pressure from the competition, introduced new tricks into his runs such as carving downside flair whips, and even went for a double flair in his third run, but slid out. According to event commentator Ryan Nyquist, the competition from McCann and Byron forced Bestwick to reveal tricks he "kept in his back pocket just in case he needed them to win." Following the contest, Bestwick said that the competition going into today made his seventh Dew Cup one to remember.

"When you win all the time people look for an opportunity to see you fall. Today was one of those days where that energy was apparent," he said. "Yet the wishing for me to be dethroned was in fact an incredible motivator for me to go on and succeed! Dew Cup number seven means the most!"

Early in the Superfinals, McCann, 28, went down hard on his head following a back wheel hang up on a triple tailwhip. He never seemed to regain his composure throughout the rest of the event, leaving the first place spot open for Pilgrim Bike Co.'s Vince Byron. Byron's deep bag of tricks, including 540 double tailwhips and opposite flairs, along with a bigger vert pump, allowed him to successfully nail a high score early in the Superfinals and hold onto the first place spot.

To date, in the seven-year history of the Dew Tour, Jamie Bestwick is the only vert rider to claim the year-end BMX Vert Dew Cup.

BMX Dirt

After a disappointing finish in BMX Park earlier today, Australian Kyle Baldock rebounded to take first place in BMX Dirt at the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas, Nev. Taking second was the U.K.'s Ben Wallace, followed by DK's Brett Banasiewicz in third.

Baldock's runs included a flipwhip, 360 downside whip to barspin, followed by a frontflip. Wallace, in second place, fired out lines that included lookback 360 to 360 to triple tailwhip, and Bansiewicz, in third, brought backflip barspins, frontflips and cash rolls to the Dew Tour dirt course.

Clinching the year-end Dew Cup in Dirt was Dennis Enarson, who placed fourth here today with runs that included back to back no-handed 360s spinning in both directions, double tailwhips and no-handed double truckdrivers. Over the past four months, between a first place in Portland and a second place in Salt Lake City, Enarson had amassed enough points to take the year-end Dew Cup with ease, finishing ahead of Brett Banasiewicz in second and and Kyle Baldock in third for the year.

BMX Park

Jackson, N.J. resident and X Games 17 BMX Park Bronze Medalist Scotty Cranmer won BMX Park at the 2011 Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas, Nev. on Saturday. Cranmer, who was the runner-up in BMX Park Dew Cup contention for the past two years, was ecstatic.

"I was hoping that the third time would be a charm. It really hasn't set in fully. This has been a dream of mine, and to finally be able to do it, it's the craziest thing in the world," said 24-year-old Cranmer, thanking his family after getting showered with water by friends.

Cranmer powered over the course, dropping into the course via a huge tailwhip gap over the curved wallride, stalling a fufanu on the course's higher sub and pulling a smooth double tailwhip backflip down the step down. Cranmer slipped out on a step down 720 at the buzzer during his first run, but pulled it clean in his second run, moving into the first place spot late in the contest.

Cranmer's win in Las Vegas moved him into first place for year-end rankings in BMX Park on the Dew Tour, meaning Cranmer will return to New Jersey with the year-end Dew Cup in BMX Park.

Placing second in Park finals was Dennis Enarson, who landed superman seatgrab barspins, tailwhips into the curved wallride, and two perfect curved wallrides to 270 tailwhip out. In third place, X17 Gold Medalist Daniel Dhers landed 720s down the big step down, no-handed cork 7s over the box jump, a no-handed 720 down the big step down, and a new one for BMX, the barspin to late barspin 720.

Rounding out the top five was DK's Bret Banasiewicz in fourth place, and Australia's Kyle Baldock in fifth. Baldock was in the lead for year-end points going into the event, and needed to secure a first or second place finish to claim the Dew Cup. After Cranmer's final run, Baldock dropped in and pulled an impressive run, but botched a 900 landing.

Baldock, 20, laid alongside his bike on the park course, seemingly knowing that his chances for the year-end Dew Cup had been crushed. "This is a lesson he will remember," quipped Dew Tour commentator Jamie Bestwick.