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Thursday, October 20, 2011
Updated: October 22, 11:23 AM ET
Ben Gore interview

Florida's talented son, Ben Gore has been around in skating for a while laying down solid tricks and garnering serious respect from those in the know. After moving to San Francisco and getting on Stereo skateboards as well as Dekline shoes, Gore's been putting out a steady stream of quality footage and photos documenting his talents. Stereo recently saw fit to move Gore up to the pro ranks, a move that was well deserved. We decided it was time to get him on the phone for an interview.

Ben Gore gets creative with this 50-50 ollie out over the sidewalk to the street beyond.

How much has your live changed since turning pro for Stereo?
Not much really, I still do the same things. It's cool to see my name on the bottom of a board and it was even cooler to give my parents one. Everything else just is the same as it always was. It's cool.

Are you still living in San Francisco?
Yeah, no plans on ever leaving SF.

Originally you're from what Florida though, right?
South Florida to be exact. I grew up in Pompano Beach.

Who are the legends from Pompano?
Back when I was a kid it was Joel Meinholz, Lindsey Robertson and a kid you might not have ever heard of that was amazing named Jason Ranft.

I hear that Stereo is working on a video for sometime in 2012.
Yeah, I think they are. I know everyone is out filming and we have plans of a promo before the video comes out. The promo I hear will be small parts of each team rider then comes our full video project shortly after.

Stereo has been adding a lot of good riders to the team this year. How big is that am team now?
I don't know. It's pretty big. It's probably like five or six people now. It's crazy we have added so many this year but it's super cool. We have a bigger team for sure and that's cool with me.

Who is your new favorite of the ams?
I still like Tony Karr and Dyson Ramones; those guys are sick. All the new guys are really good too, though.

What was it like filming with Josh Stewart on the "Welcome to MIA" video?
Oh, it was sick. We did most of it back home in Florida. We skated so much. I was out every day with him. If we weren't filming, we were looking for new spots. We were non-stop cruising around. It was awesome!

Do you have any crazy Stewart freakout stories that are memorable from working on the MIA video?
I mean it happens whenever he skates. Some flatground for a few minutes and he will for sure freakout. It's bound to happen.

Ben Gore hops onto a tall, curved bar for this feeble grind transfer.

Did Stewart mention anything about new "Static" videos in the future?
For sure. Another one is in the works.

Really? I haven't heard yet. Who's the line up?
I don't know everyone but I think Quim Cardona is doing it with Josh. There's also some guys that people haven't seen much stuff of lately that should be cool to see.

When did you decide to go by Ben Gore? Does anyone call you buy your first name, Guy?
My whole life I've gone by Ben. My dad's name is Guy, too. So I've been called Ben since I was a kid, since there were two Guy's in the house.

Do you think your teammate, Jason Lee will ever ask you to be in one of his movies?
I highly doubt that. I'm sure he has enough people to work with. Maybe one day. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Would you have done a voice roll for "Alvin and the Chipmunks" if he would have asked you?
I don't think I would be any good at voiceovers. I would have tried for sure, though.

What are the best cities you have been to in the US for skating outside of California?
I still love Miami. It's super fun in South Beach. New York is always a fun place to skate. Atlanta has a cool scene. I want to go to Chicago but I haven't been yet. San Francisco is the best though, for sure. I always come back to SF.

What are your top three favorite video parts of all time?
Danny Renaud in "Mosaic," Ricky Oyola in "Eastern Exposure 3," and Jason Dill in "Photosynthesis."

What's next for Ben Gore heading toward 2012?
Just keep skating and be out there with the friends. I want to and keep filming and working on my next video part. It never gets old to me. Hopefully, some new spots will be found along the way and I'll just keep moving.