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Friday, October 21, 2011
Marc Frank Montoya's Familia

Marc Frank Montoya, leading his FODT troops into battle.

Marc Frank Montoya has been ruling the urban snowboard scene for so long, it seems like he should be 102, hanging out in an old folks home somewhere talking about how good things used to be "back in the day." Instead he's still out in the streets and in the mountains, killing it with his FODT crew, making movies that will have your mouth hanging open -- as much for the riding as the shock of wondering how these guys get away with doing it in some of the places they do. It's been awhile since we checked in with MFM, so we thought we'd give him a call and see what he's been up to.

Familia 2 is the third snowboard video you have executive produced. What's harder, producing or starring in a snowboard movie?

It's super hard trying to do both and be good at both, because both take a lot of time and energy. For the last eight years, I've been easing into different businesses, but stay in snowboarding because I love it to death for saving my life. Now I'm trying to save its life, but that's a whole long other story...

You went to Estonia last year with Estone, Cole Taylor, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen, Johnnie Paxson, Austin Hironaka, and Derek Dennison. What was shredding out there like?
It was pretty dope. We just went out there because there was so much snow. There's not even a resort! It's crazy to travel around the world, and just snowboard in some random city where there's not even any mountains!

You are on the cover of the October 2011 issue of Snowboarder Magazine, on a crazy feature you guys found in Estonia. How'd you ind that thing?
We had cool-ass guides who had that spot all picked out for us. They knew we'd find something in that area to hit -- there were so many different options! When I saw it, I mos def wanted to hit it, all kinds of different ways. I actually even want to go back, because I got hurt before I could get some of the things I wanted to get.

How long have you and E-Stone been shooting photos together?
Forever. I love shooting with him. He's off the hook, super cool, and super talented -- total good-hearted guy, and cracks me the hell up.

How many published photos do you think you've gotten?
I don't even know. I have the stacks of mags we collect that I'm in. One day they're all gonna go into an album. I started one, but it got way too thick. And now, eight years later, it's gonna be a crazy huge job to put something together. We'll get around to it one day.

What are some of the sketchiest things you've witnessed on snow?
Aw man. Every year I witness crazy stuff, where dudes come so close to getting broke off, or actually do get broke off. The sketchiest things are avalanches. They make you feel so helpless.

Who are your favorite riders to watch?
Johnny Paxson, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, and the rest of our crew, they're all dope! I like Peter Line, Devun Walsh& and Torstein Horgmo -- he's sick.

Where are you going to ride this winter?
We're gonna be in Tahoe, Canada, and hopefully Alaska a lot this year. We're definitely going to get in the bigger mountains a lot more for the next movie. We have the filming skills and sick-ass crew, and now I'm gonna have to come up with even more budget to take it to the next level.