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Monday, October 24, 2011
Amateur Hour: Josh Hawkins

Another innovative kid coming out of the Arizona skate scene, Powell Peralta's Josh Hawkins has definitely got something fresh to offer to skateboarding. Able to get interesting on both transitions and street spots, Hawkins is pretty much the full package. With his recent part in the popular "Happy Medium 2" video, Hawkins is moving right along with lots of good things to come. We checked in to talk about Powell Peralta, the response to his video part and more.

Josh Hawkins take the Leo Romero route and 50-50s up this hefty handrail.

How are things going with Powell-Peralta?
Things are good. They are treating me very well.

You guys have been getting a lot of coverage at The Berrics lately.
Yeah, we were lucky to get a lot of stuff there.

How long did you film for your "Happy Medium 2" part?
I would say for about two years. It's definitely the part I worked the hardest on.

Josh Hawkins gets creative with his pool skating when he grinds the ladder to fakie.

Why did you put that amazing part out in a homie video and not a video for one of your sponsors?
Well, It wasn't really up to me. My buddy Buster O'Shea was making the video and all my friends were going to have parts so I figured I could put out the best stuff without having to brand it all.

And how has the response been to the video?
It's been awesome. I've gotten so many compliments.

I heard you were asked to turn pro after the video came out but you wanted to wait, how come?
I just wanted to have it so that I would turn pro for all my sponsors at the same time and not jump on to a team as a pro.

Has it been a struggle to keep the part off the Internet or are you trying to get it on the Internet?
Yeah, Buster and Hunter have been trying to keep it offline but they're going to put it up eventually, once the regular sales slow down. Once it goes up on the Internet, I'll definitely put it on the sites for promotion.

So tell me about the house. You're a homeowner right?
Yeah, my girlfriend and I own a house in Glendale, Arizona. It was a foreclosure when I bought it and I got a great deal on it. I spent the first five or six months fixing it up before we moved in.

What repairs did you do to it?
It had so many problems. It would take too long to list them all. We scraped the ceilings because it had popcorn ceilings and repainted it, fixed all the holes, took care of the leaks in the upstairs bathroom. So we re-did both the upstairs bathrooms, redid the tile and then a lot of odds and ends.

And you're going to stay out at your teammate, Jordan Hoffart's house in San Diego for a while, too. And you'll be paying an interesting rent there, correct?
Yeah, I'll pretty much be doing the exact same thing. I'll be rebuilding his house in exchange for rent.

Josh Hawkins unleashes a hurricane on this doorway obstacle in a fun-looking skatepark.

How long are you planning on going out there for?
Not sure, I'm just trying to go out there and make it happen.

Who are your influences in skating?
There are so many. Andrew Reynolds is awesome. He keeps coming out with video parts that are better than his last, which doesn't happen very often.

And what is next for you?
Just trying to keep putting out video parts and making them better than the last. I'm trying to work on an interview for The Skateboard Mag and a video part for Powell Peralta and then one for the upcoming Bones wheels am video, too.