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Friday, November 4, 2011
Fans don't want Nickelback on Thanksgiving

Fans don't want Nickelback performing at the Detroit Lions' game on Thanksgiving.

Call it "Occupy Nickelback."

Or "Don't Occupy Ford Field."

Whatever the name, there's an Internet movement afoot: A petition designed to keep the oft-mocked Canadian rock outfit from playing at halftime of the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers.

It began with one man: University of Michigan graduate student/Michigan native/Thanksgiving Day ticket holder Dennis Guttman, a vehement anti-Nickelbacker who was "extremely disappointed" when he heard the band had been tabbed.

"There's so much good musical talent in the area, known for being Michigan people," Guttman told Page 2 by phone Wednesday night, citing Kid Rock and Bob Seger. "Nickelback was the last thing I expected them to throw out there for the halftime show."

But this is a time of action, so Guttman took it. Inspired by a similar anti-Nickelback movement by Winnipeg Jets fans, Guttman found his way to the reputable -- also home of the recent Bank of America debit card charge revolution -- and created a petition (the first he ever started, he said).

Now, thanks in part to a widespread disdain for Nickelback, it's taking off. From 10 signatures on Tuesday night, it crossed the 22,000 mark on Thursday -- and keeps growing.

"I'm absolutely shocked and happy," Guttman said.

And he still has that main goal: "It would be fantastic if they change it. … I'd like to hear some good music during halftime -- hopefully something that better represents Detroit."