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Friday, November 4, 2011
Updated: November 5, 7:41 PM ET
King Of Cool propels Cantrell to first

By Jim Wilkie

Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League leader Jerry Cantrell has climbed into sole possession of first place, and the hard rock guitarist is sharing some of the credit with the spirit of a legendary crooner.

Cantrell's Aroma Of Tacoma (6-2) beat bandmate Mike Inez's Your Real Dad Al Davis (3-5) while Sean Kinney's Team Nosering (5-3) and Vinnie Paul's The Brickwall Paul (5-3) each lost to fall out out of a first-place tie with the Aroma. So naturally, Cantrell couldn't hide his pleasure on the league message board (click the link to see the photo):

When You're Smiling
Posted: Nov 2, 4:08 a.m.
Jerry Cantrell
Aroma Of Tacoma

I'm sure nobody but me has noticed this, but since I changed my logo to Dean Martin the Aroma is 5-0 after starting 1-2 … Coincidence? Maybe. Can Dino deliver the magic for me again? I think Duff should use Old Blue Eyes against me. … Could work?!

Re: When You're Smiling
Posted: Nov 3, 11:17 p.m.
Michael Inez
Your Real Dad Al Davis

Al Davis didn't work …

Changing your team logo to the "King Of Cool" can have as much impact as some waiver wire pickups, because "Everybody Loves Somebody" sometimes. Or as Dean Martin sang "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You," which could be applied to the unpredictable, hot and cold world of fantasy football.

I Don't Get It
Posted: Nov 1, 9:58 p.m.
Sean Kinney
Team Nosering

One week my team scores 130, the next week I barely break 50.

Having never done this before I wasn't prepared for the bi-polar nature of things from week to week. How are you supposed to talk smack and break balls when you don't know which team will show up the following Sunday?

If anyone needs me I'll be at the medicine cabinet chucking back Advil …

Each participant will put one valuable item up for auction by the end of the season. The league champion will get to designate which charity receives the net proceeds of the auction. More details on the auction will be announced in the coming weeks.

Weekly updates on the Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League, trash talk and interviews with the owners will be published in's The Life and Music sections throughout the season. Members of the league also will drop by for occasional chats on SportsNation.

Here is a look at Week 9's matchups and last week's results: