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Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Harrison launches "Kool Thing" frames

After leaving FBM earlier this year, "Big" Dave Harrison, arguably one of the most recognized BMX frame builders in the BMX scene, moved to Providence, R.I. and has been working at a machine shop paying the bills. In an interview with ESPN in June, Harrison hinted at the prospect of starting his own manufacturing shop dubbed Pedal Driven Cycles, and now, he's taking the first steps to make it happen, utilizing Kickstarter to raise funds.

"I am trying to raise $8000 in 33 days and it's all or nothing," said Harrison. "I can go over my goal but if I don't reach my goal I get nothing." Using Kickstarter to raise funds, Harrison plans on creating a limited run of BMX frames under the "Kool Thing" name, a throwback to a Sonic Youth song from the early '90s. "The funds raised from this project will help me to lease a workspace to produce this first line of frames. My hope is that this will provide me with the start needed to allow me to produce many more bikes down the road. I will also be using the money provided by generous financial backers to purchase the materials (tubing) needed to build the frames. Finally, I will put a portion of the proceeds toward building some of the fixtures required to put the frame together," said Harrison.

Big Dave (left) and the Leif Valin-designed Pedal Driven Cycles logo (right).

The Kool Thing project will create 50 frames that are unique in a number of ways. It is Dave's first bike created under the Pedal Driven Cycles name, and he is solely responsible for the manufacturing, design and sale of the frames. Using artwork created by Leif Valin and the above video created by Bob Scerbo, "Kool Thing" is a bike made for Dave's generation of BMX, and in just a day's time, he has collected almost half of the money necessary to raise the funds for this project.

Check the video above, and then head over to Dave's Kickstarter page and help him get "Kool Thing" frames and Pedal Drive Cycles off the ground.