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Friday, November 18, 2011
Corey Martinez 'Better Late Than Never'

Eleven months after being added to the Etnies BMX pro team, Corey Martinez releases his 'Better Late Than Never, Etnies Welcomes Corey Martinez' to the team edit, and the wait was well worth it. Much Like I said about Nathan Williams earlier in the week, Corey's riding is starting to blur the line between regular and opposite grinds, regular and opposite 180s and 360s, and even regular and opposite tailwhips.

Also, going as far back as the Square One days, Corey has been one of the leaders of the uprail revolution, and that charge continues at a ridiculous level here, ending with a very scary uprail predator hop to backwards rail to hard 180 out. Where he goes from here is anyone's guess. I'd say a freecoaster, but I've been wrong before.

You can download an HD version on the etnies BMX site, and feel free to pressure your local etnies dealer for a Corey Martinez signature shoe.

My only question in this video is: how does Andrew White sit so still in the clip that starts at 1:58?